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How Many Of You Remember These Children Cartoon Series From The 80s And 90s?

Like many kids growing up between 1980 and 1995, I enjoyed watching cartoons a lot.

Before 'The Lion King,' 'The Little Mermaid,' 'Frozen' or 'Moana' cartoons we had in recent years, there were some awesome cartoons that kept children entertained back in the 80s and 90s.

Oh, boy! I can't forget waiting for the TV stations to commence transmission. Back then, TV stations usually opened at 4p.m and shut down by 12 midnight.

So we get back from school, quickly have our dinners, play a little as we wait for the clock to strike 4 o'clock and for our cartoons to begin.

There were quite a number of cartoon series airing in those years, so much I probably can't remember every one of them.

But I've tried to cast my mind back and think hard, and gotten 20 cartoons we watched way back.

I researched and got images for the cartoons, but I deliberately did not put down details of the cartoons in this article, so you and I can play a game.

Go through the list, indicate in the comment section which ones you can recall, and also tell us what specific thing you can remember about them.

For me, I remember these lines when a certain cartoon was about to air:

"This is the story about an ordinary Teddy bear; when he was made, they found something wrong will him and threw him away like a piece of rubbish, into an old, dark store-room. Then from out of space, a sporty man brought him to life with his cosmic dust. He took him to outer space, where Mother Nature gave him special powers. That bear became..."

Let me not say the name now. It's in the list below. But can you remember those lines and guess which cartoon it came from?


Take your minds away from the pressures of society and relive your childhood for a moment.


1) Bird Man. Remember this? The Bird's name is 'Avenger,' if I'm not mistaken. He got his power from the sun, much like 'Superman'.

2) Danger Mouse. A mouse and his sidekick, a hamster, busting bad guys. The arch enemy is a frog named 'Baron Greenback'.

3) Super Ted. That's where the lines I quoted above came from. His sidekick is Sporty Man, and the arch enemy is a cowboy named 'Texas Pete'. This cartoon was one of my favorites

4) Voltron. This one was my favorite! Five teenagers with their robot lions traversing the Galaxy to fight evil. I still think the makers of 'Power Rangers' got their idea from 'Voltron, Defender of the Universe.' 'Lets from Blazing Sword!'😊

5) Fragle Rock. I remember the rat-like funny creatures living underground, and the 'Doozer construction' that they eat randomly, and I remember they have to bang the pipes when they need water.

6) G-Force. About five teens fightit evil, just like Voltron. Nice series then. 'Always 5 acting as 1. Inseparable. Invincible.'

7) Atom Ant. If you don't remember this cartoon series, you're on a long thing. A powerful, indestructible ant that lifts weight to gather power to fight the bad guys.

8) Sesame Street. Very educative series. I remember learning numbers, spellings and etiquette from watching Sesame Street as a child. It was also entertaining, with the likes of 'Cookie Monster', 'The Count' and 'Ernie' spicing things up.

9) Speed Racer. Go Speed Racer, go Speed Racer, go Speed Racer, go!' I remember this lad had a Mark IV sports car, a little brother and a monkey as well, I believe. Help me out, guys!

10) Muppet Babies. This cartoon still airs today, but I think it's much different back in the 80s and 90s. My favorite characters in this cartoon were 'Piggy, Gonzo and Kermit.'

11) Darkwing Duck. Let's get dangerous! Can't remember much, aside from the fact that he was a cape-wearing duck, like Batman.

12) Scoobie Doo and Scrappy Doo. Well, what can we say about these remarkable cartoon series? It was and still is a classic. Let's just move on.

13) Inspector Gadget. Like Sherlock Holmes, a detective catching criminals. He was all-round gadgets, like James Bond. His hat, wristwatch and shoes are all gadgets!

14) Tom and Jerry. Perhaps we should just move on. For decades, and even now, children have not stopped enjoyng this hilarious cartoon about the conflict raging between cats and rats.

15) Dexter's Laboratory. Dexter was actually a young boy, a genius kid carrying out all kinds of experiment in his secret lab. Yes, he had a German accent.

16) Pinky And The Brain. Pinky and the Brain! Wow! 'It's time to take over the world.' The brain, a mouse, actually, is awlay plottig World domination. But things always went wrong.

17) Dungeons And Dragons. It was a fantasy cartoon series, featuring magic, evil guys, flying villains and sorcery.

18) Terrahawks. I used to like this cartoon series. The villain was a witch named Zelda, with a clumsy son who was always getting in the way.

19) Silver Hawks. Can't remember much from this cartoon, but I know I watched and enjoyed it then.

20) The Flintstones' kids. The setting was the stone age era, of dinosaurs and rocks and cavemen. I wasn't really a fan of this series, though.

So which of the cartoons above do you remember watching? Which was your favorite?

And which other cartoons can you remember that aren't covered in this list?

Let us know.


That's it for now. Please remember to like, share, comment and follow for more refreshing articles, helpful tips, gists and updates.


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