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Tupac got fired before he died in 1996

Tupac Amaru Shakur, an American was born on June 16 1971 and died September 13 1996. He is popularly known as 2pac. He's one of the few rappers that successfully made it acting. Before he died, he acted a string of movies, including 1992’s Juice and ’93’s Poetic Justice. His resume nearly included the cult classic Menace II Society (1993), but this popular rapper turned actor was fired from the film in the middle of production.

After his breakout role in Juice, Tupac was called for Menace II Society. Directed by twin brothers Allen and Albert Hughes, the film talked about a young, small-time drug dealer named Caine who is uncertain of his future but eventually decides he wants a better life. It features Tyrin Turner, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Larenz Tate — all of whom were praised for their performances.

Sharif, Caine’s Muslim friend who tries to put Caine on a more righteous path by offering up teachings from the Nation of Islam. But, as the story goes, Tupac wasn’t satisfied with his character and didn’t hesitate to express that.

Expressing his feelings was what got him fired.

Below are movie tittle Tupac acted

1. Juice

2. Poetic Justice

3. Above the Rim

4. Gang related

5. Tupac Resurrection

6. Gridlock'd

7. Nothing but Trouble

8. Murder was the Case

9. Bullet

It's very obvious 2pac successfully made it in his acting career before he died.

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