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After 5years of Happy Marriage, My Husband still Choose His Mother over Me (FICTION)

My name is Feyisara George, popularly known as Mrs George, my husband and I have been married for over 5years.

My husband is a successful businessman, he is into importing and exporting of goods. He is presenting 32years old while I'm 30years old.

The love I have for my husband is from here to the Moon and back, we courted for 1year before we finally sealed the relationship on 17th of May 2015.

While courting, my husband will always tell me his mother has been the first and only true love he has. I decided to ask him after he had mentioned that statement one day if I'm not his true love, but he jokingly replied that my place is different likewise his mother's.

While courting, before my husband give me #1, he would have given his mother #50. I've always thought it's because we were still courting, but he still continues the act in our marriage.

After our wedding, my husband sometimes call his mother 4 times a day. I'm not being jealous but deep down its painful because after he leaves for work, he only call me once. He doesn't seek my opinion before doing things, he either keeps it to himself or tell his mother.

This morning, we agreed to go on a dinner date after work, I got to the venue before him and waited for over 1hour before he showed up, when he finally showed up, he said "baby I'm sorry, mon called me to pick something for her at the supermarket". I left him there angrily.

What's happening to my husband is what I can't figure out, because I believe we are now one soul. According to the scripture, "a man shall leave his father and his mother and cleave to his wife", my husband doesn't seem to obey the word of God because all he could think of is "his mother".

Don't look at me badly, I love my husband, I cherish him a lot, I love my marriage but I'm tired of sharing my husband with another woman.

Please what do you suggest I do because I'm thinking of divorcing him?

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