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Fiction: Diamond, Episode 8.


{Diamonds are a girl's best friend}



Written By: Derrick.



💄 Episode 8💄



"Uhmmm, A... Actually Sir, t... this… C... Can you give me some time to think about it please?" Diamond replied.

Fifehanmi smiled and was silent looking at her, after some seconds he said. "Is this your first time going on a trip with your boss?” He asked her.

She nodded and said "Yes sir, it's my first time" She replied.

“Your first time?, But this is not your first company?, could it be that this is your first company to be employed as a PA?” He asked.

She quickly replied and said "Yes sir, this is my first company to be employed as a PA.”

“Oh I see, But I only want a companion, Are you scared of me or what please? He asked.

“O... Of course no, Not that way, I’m not scared of you, just that i need to prepare my things" She quickly replied.

“Actually you don't need to bring anything along, Just your handbag, That's all!.

“J... Just my handbag? She asked again.

“Yeah just your handbag, you’ll get everything you need over there, don't worry" He said.

“But sir, I still need to think about it please" She requested in a soft way.

“It's okay, no problem, When you’re ready let me know" He replied.

“Oh thank you sir" She said with a smilling face.

Fifehanmi just smirked and took his eyes off her.

Diamond also went back to her seat, but she was feeling some hotness in her with the fact that there is Air-conditioned in the office, The way she was giving herself some fresh air with her hand was quite funny.

Fifehanmi couldn't help but to smile, But Diamond couldn't see him.


Fifehanmi was on his way back home.

Victor was sitting beside the driver, it was Jasper who drove the car.

Fifehanmi called Victor and said "Victor please make the ticket two please, and after I’m back from this trip, prepare three tickets for Me, Jude and Chris please, we’re going to Paris!.”

“Ok sir, but your first traveling I thought you’re the only one going?" Victor asked.

“Umm… Yeah that was before, but now I’m going with my PA" Fifehanmi replied.

“But why don't you get her reply before booking the tickets, what if she refuses to go with you" Victor asked.

Fifehanmi smiled and said "Don't worry Victor, she’ll go with me, I can read it on her, She’s going, Don't worry Just book the tickets and if she refuse no problem, but I’m sure she won't deny it.”


Lilian came to visit Diamond. They both sat in the living room discussing.

“Wait! don't tell me that you’re not going for that trip!" Lilian said.

“Honestly I don't feel like, besides I really don't know What's up with him today, he was looking at me in a weird way till we closed, I really don't know why but I’m a bit scared about that trip" Diamond said with a worried face.

“Honestly you are so funny!, staring at you, How I wish I was the one he was staring at like that, Babe wise up for goodness sake!, what are you thinking?, Besides it's just a trip why are you getting scared?, Or do you think he is a p£rv£rt?" Lilian asked.

“Of course no!, he’s not, I would have answered him in the afternoon but I mean when he was staring at me this afternoon, it was somehow weird to me and also why am I the only one going with him?, why not Victor?, why not Jasper?, atleast they’ve been working with him for a long time now, so why me that I just started a week ago?, C’monLilian it’s weird” Diamond replied.

“My friend, there’s nothing weird in it, stop having bad thought, just go on your trip please, and if it's about Iremide, I’m sure Victoria will take care of her and I will spend the three days with them till you arrive, Babe stop thinking negatively and go on your trip, let's just hope that this trip is for good, no negative thought please” Lilian said.


The next day in the office. Fifehanmi sat on his seat staring at Diamond as usual.

Everytime she looked up at him, she always found him staring at her.

After some time, she stood up and walked up to him slowly and said "Uhmm sir, I... I don't know if I should ask this but please sir why’re you staring at me that way please?, I don't mean to be rude to my boss, but it seems like I’m finding it difficult to work when you stare at me that way please."

Fifehanmi smiled and said "I was looking at you because I’m expecting a reply on what I asked you, is there a problem about that?” He asked smilling.

“Oh sorry, I... I haven't thought of it yet but can you give me till tomorrow please?" Diamond replied.

Fifehanmi smiled and said "It's ok I’ll wait, You can go back to your work.

She walked back to her seat, after a while she looked at him again but found him on his phone pressing it, She was a bit relieved.

She continued working, after a white she looked at him again and still he was busy pressing his phone, She smiled while she continued working on her laptop.

Fifehanmi dropped his phone and looked at her, he smiled and resumed back to his work.


The next day Diamond was busy working.

Fifehanmi walked in with Victor, They Both walked up to Fifehanmi's seat.

Diamond quickly stood up to greet Fifehanmi while he replied her sitting down.

Both Victor and Fifehanmi discussed for some time before Victor left the office.

After he left, Fifehanmi said "Mrs Diamond" He called her in a quiet way.

“Yes sir" She replied looking at him.

“You can prepare your things tonight, Jasper will pick you up tomorrow Morning, I’ll be waiting for you at the airport" He said.

Diamond’s eyes widened.

“Are you ok" He asked.

“Huh?, yeah, b... but I haven't answered you yet" She said.

Fifehanmi smiled and said "I already know your answer and I’m sure you’re going with me.”

Victor walked in and said "Boss your mum is outside."

Suddenly Fifehanmi's mum barged in.

“Diamond quickly stood up from her seat out of fear while Fifehanmi's mum walked up to her and said "And who are you!?" His mum asked her staring at her.

Fifehanmi looked so fraustrated on his seat.

“I said who are you!?" she shouted at Diamond.

She quickly said "I'm... I... I'm Diamond, I’m his PA" She replied out of fear.

“PA!?, Just PA?, how can a woman like you be a PA?, you’re looking so t£mpt!ng, I hope it's just PA!?, because if you S£duc£ my son!, you’ll get it from me.”

“Mum can you just stop it!" Fifehanmi said.

“Keep shut young man!, I’m still talking to your so-called PA.

Oh! *saw Diamond's picture with her daughter* So you’re married?" She asked.

“N... Not yet ma."

“Not yet? Oh I guess divorced?" Fifehanmi's mum said.

"No ma, not divorce ma" Diamond said.

“Then you must have snatched someone's husband then" Diamond was shocked.

Seeing her reaction Fifehanmi banged his table so hard and stood up from his seat "Mum can you just stop it already!, Is that why you’re here!?" He asked.

His mum made a cunning smile and walked up to Fifehanmi, she said "Stop stressing yourself young man, actually I’m in good mood today and I’m not going to shout with you, well I’m happy to tell you that Zainab's mum has agreed back to our proposal, either you like it or not, your Introduction is fixed and it is next week!.”

Fifehanmi was silent for a while, His face changed immediately and said "You went back to beg that woman!?, Mum what the hell is wrong with you!?, Do you even listen to yourself!?, I said I don't love Zainab why are you forcing her on me!?, I’m not marrying her!, I promise you that!.”

“His mum laughed and said "Young man calm down!, This is already fixed and done!, whether you like it or not, you’redoing this Introduction next week" His mum said and walked out immediately.

Victor quickly followed her.

Fifehanmi looked at Diamond who was also staring at him and said, "Please I’m really sorry about that.”

“No it's ok, I’m used to it already" She said smiling as usual.

Fifehanmi paused and looked at her for a while and then he said "Will you go with me to the trip?" Looking at her for a response.

She smiled and said "It's okay, I’ll go with you sir" She replied.











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