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DNA test by solomon Episode 3,4 and 5.

There's a popular saying that bad company corrupts good manners. When you linger too long in the presence of negative influence, it's just a matter of time before you get negatively influenced. Just so you know, conducting a DNA Test to determine the paternity of your child with your spouse isn't bad at all; especially when there's nothing for either of you to hide, but the problem is that these kind of tests are usually conducted secretly by one party of the union and the motive for doing the test is most often tied to lack of trust for the other party. Now, do you know how sad it is for your spouse to doubt the paternity of his child with you? How sad it is for your spouse to go behind your back to conduct a test that screams "I don't trust you"? I know majority might find nothing wrong for one party of a marriage union to conduct a DNA Test and it's perfectly OK to think such way, but one question remains unanswered in cases such as this and that question is no other than "Why marry someone you don't trust?". 

This question has remained unanswered for so many decades now. Why go down the road of 'Forever' with someone you can't trust the paternity of your children to? There were so many chances to detect dishonesty in that person while you were still courting; that was the perfect time to evaluate your partner's character or attitude to know if they were worth your commitment and love. Why marry the person you don't trust only to stress yourself after getting married by conducting a DNA Test after every birth of your child? The thought of how stressful and emotional draining such practices bring is devastating to imagine. Too bad Belinda was caught up in such triangle. 

One sad thing about this test is that it is usually conducted by one party of the union and not both parties. What happened to having an open conversation with your spouse about conducting the test so the both of you can partake in it? If there's any skeleton in anyone's cupboard, it will definitely get exposed after the test but if there isn't any shady thing to hide, then both parties will be vindicated evenly. If things were done this way, then I guess the hurt and pain of the presence of distrust will be on a minimal level, than if one party conducted the test in secret. 

Moving on, things weren't looking too beautiful again in the marriage union of the once loving couple. Ace had started nurturing a secret intention of conducting a DNA Test on his child to confirm if his son 'Junior' was truly his. He was immediately linked to a doctor in another town that did such test. The doctor was contacted and an appointment was booked for the following week. 

Ace was instructed by the doctor to get some hair samples of his son for the test. The test cost a lot of money but that wasn't going to stop the desperate man from getting some answers.

At this point, we could call it fate because God might have orchestrated everything to happen the way it did so the hidden revelation about the switched babies would come to light. It's been over 6 years since Belinda had been nurturing someone else's child while hers was far away in an unfortunate state and condition. Despite the fact that things might not go in favour of either of them once the DNA result comes out, but at least it would come to Belinda's knowledge that something was wrong somewhere and hopefully, they would find out what went wrong.

After a long day at work that evening, Ace returned home and was welcomed by his lovely wife and son. "Welcome babe, how was work today?" Belinda asked, "It was stressful, I'm just tired" he replied as he gently rubbed his son's head. "How was school today?" Ace inquired, "Fine daddy!" Junior hurriedly replied as they made their way inside the house. 

If only Belinda knew the thoughts that ran through her husband's mind as he starred at her and Junior that fateful evening, her heart would have shattered. Belinda had no clue that while she slept that very night, Ace made his way to their son's room to cut a small portion of the little boy's already low hair-cut. 

The sight of Ace creeping and tiptoeing into Junior's room that night was enough to bring tears to the eyes of any faithful wife. It might look or feel like nothing to some people and might feel like the height of betrayal to others. Not everyone is unfaithful and there's nothing as devastating as being perceived as something you are far from. Poor Belinda! 

Days slowly passed by as Ace waited for his doctor's appointment. Those few days were the most traumatising days of his life and it gave him goose-bumps and intense tension. He couldn't just wait to get everything over with and know the truth once and for all. After waiting for few days, the D-day finally came for the DNA Test to be conducted.  

Before Ace went out of town that very day, Belinda woke up early and made him the best breakfast he have had in a while. Everything he was about to do felt very wrong but his mind was already made up and also, God's will had to be done regardless. It was time for the hidden truth about the switched babies to come to light for the first time in 6 years. Things might not go smoothly or well, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. 

"Good day sir" the nurse at the hospital reception greeted, "Good afternoon, my name is Ace and I have an appointment with Doctor Mark" he said. The nurse immediately processed the information and told him to wait a little. After waiting for about 20 minutes, he was called into the Doctor's office. 

It was a swift visit; the hair samples were collected and the test fee was paid after a brief counselling. Ace was informed on when the results will be out. He thanked the doctor for being of good service and took his leave. 

As problem and crisis drew nearer to the couple's marriage, Belinda started having strange nightmares about things that weren't clear to her understanding. She started sensing the danger ahead and her peace of mind gradually diminished. On the other hand, Ace pretended as though he was up to nothing and went about his normal life, with his fingers crossed as he anticipated the DNA Test result. 

On the fateful day that broke the camel's back, Belinda woke up that morning with cold feets. She didn't know why she was so scared and worried. The first place she went to that morning was her son's room. The sight of Junior sleeping peacefully was to die for. They love struck mother couldn't get her eyes off her handsome son; she was smitten. If only she knew what was ahead of her that fateful day. Sad!

Later that morning, Belinda made breakfast and everyone came downstairs to eat as a family. It was a quick breakfast because Junior had to go to school afterwards and both parents also needed to head out to their various businesses. 

As everyone ate happily, Ace phone rang. He looked to see the caller and it was his doctor from the DNA test venture. In order not to expose his little secret, he refused to pick up the call. Belinda noticed what happened but waived it off as nothing significant. Few minutes later, everyone ate finish and headed to their various destination. 

Immediately Ace drove far away from his house, he parked the car at the side walk of the road and dialed the doctor's number. The phone rang briefly before he picked up. "Hello doctor, trust you slept well? I was busy when you called" Ace said, Good morning, It's fine; I wanted to call yesterday evening but was busy too. I just want to inform you that the result is out" the doctor said. 

That piece of information sent chills down Ace's spine. He was now close to finding out the truth that had tortured him for quite a long time. "Do I need to come to the hospital? or you can tell me now what the result says and I will appreciate it" he said, "You want to know right now? Through the phone?" the doctor inquired and he replied 'Yes please!". 

The moment of truth had finally come. The reply that would make or break Belinda's marriage was about to be let loose. Ace heart raced and his palms suddenly became sweaty as he desperately anticipated the doctor's reply. 

After a moment of silence, the doctor finally said; "The paternity result came out Negative; You are the Father of your Son". 

End of episode 3 😉

Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happened next. 

Written by Sonia Okehie

[7/20, 11:21 PM] Martinez: The DNA Test (episode 4)

Puzzles are quite difficult to crack and that was the present situation of Ace's life. Finally, the DNA Test results were out and had been communicated to the desperate man that hadn't slept well in a couple of days as he anticipated the results. However, the only awkward thing about the whole report was the confusion in what the doctor communicated. 

"Sir I'm sorry, I didn't get you well. You said the test results were Negative so how come your last sentence?" Ace nervously inquired. It was then that it dawned on the doctor that there was a slip of tongue so he immediately corrected himself. "Oh, slip of tongue please; I meant to say that the result came out Positive so congratulations, the child is truly yours, no reason to panic" the doctor said. 

Oh what a thing of joy! At last, Ace could finally breath in and out properly. "Oh thank God" he gently whispered to himself with a faint smile on his face. At that moment, it felt as though a huge burden had been lifted from his body. Finally, he was assured that his wife 'Belinda' had been faithful all along and never cheated. However, at this point there were so many unanswered questions as to why that DNA Test came out Positive and not actually Negative. 

Wait a minute, isn't Junior a switched child that was mistakenly exchanged at birth with Belinda's true son 'David'? Is it just me or is something extremely fishy and confusing about the whole situation? How on earth did the DNA result come out Positive expect Ace was truly the father to Junior? How can he be the father to junior when the little boy isn't the true son of Belinda? Oh My! At this point there were so many unsolved puzzle that definitely needed to be cracked. 

After speaking to the doctor for a while, Ace was however asked to come to the hospital for a final check up and to also see the results with his own eyes; just to be totally sure of the report the doctor told him. They ended the call shortly afterwards and Ace first made a quick stop at the office before heading to the hospital to see the doctor. 

At around passed 3pm, Ace arrived at the hospital and went straight to the doctor's office. "Good day doc" he politely greeted as he took his seat. They exchanged pleasantries before finally settling down. 

It was a short visit to the hospital because Ace didn't waste much time there. He did the necessary test and collected the hard copy of the DNA result before heading out. As he drove back home that evening, smiles filled his face but also, he felt as though he had betrayed Belinda. 

The thought of Belinda ever finding out what had happened sent chills down Ace's spine. He knew for sure that it would bring so much drama and misunderstanding in his home so he had to dispose the hard copy results, but due to the fact that it was already getting late, he couldn't park the car to dispose it on the road side so he squeezed the paper and put it into his trouser front pocket; with the hopes of disposing it immediately he gets home. 

If only Ace could sense the problems ahead due to that single action of conducting a DNA Test, then he wouldn't have done it at all. How funny, yet unfortunate that he used his own hands to expose himself of a dirty secret he had been hiding from his wife for several years. It was apparent that he had awoken a sleeping dog. Karma they say 'never misses it's target' and at this point, all we can do is concur to that fact. It was clear that there were so many skeletons inside his cupboard. Everything that has been hidden was about to come to full blown light. All we can do is keep our fingers crossed and see how things play out. 

That day, Ace arrived home very late due to traffic. Immediately his car drove in, his son ran towards him. "Daddy daddy, come and see what mummy bought for me" Junior said. The excited little boy held his dad's hand and gently dragged him inside the house. Due to that unexpected distraction, Ace wasn't able to carry on with his initial plan of disposing the test result, so it was still in his pocket. 

Junior was super hyped that evening and kept showing his dad one thing or the other. After over 30 minutes of being distracted by the little boy, Ace finally regained his freedom but Belinda was now in his space. "Baby your food will soon get cold, sit and eat" she calmly said as she dished out the food into their plates in the dinning table. Without having any option, he tiredly sat down and they all ate together as one family. 

As they ate, Belinda talked about one thing or the other till she successfully got Ace engrossed into the conversation. They talked for over an hour before he went to take a shower. 

It was a stressful day for Ace and all he needed to do at that moment was to dive into the bed and sleep off. He removed his clothes and took his bath but forgot to remove the squeezed paper from his pocket. After bathing, he sluggishly kept the clothes inside the wardrobe and changed into a clean one, then climbed the bed afterwards. 

As Ace slept like a tired man that just returned from war, the dress that contained details that was capable of destroying his marriage was carelessly lying inside the wardrobe. It came to his consciousness once in a while that the DNA Test result was still inside his trouser but he was too tired to do anything about it. At that moment, he felt there was no way his wife would search his trouser at that time of the day. The fact that it was late at night made him a bit assured that his secret was safe where it was for that night. It's quite unfortunate that Ace wasn't prepared for what was about to hit him. 

It turns out that Belinda joined her husband in bed and they slept peacefully beside each other. The next morning, she woke up early because she had to go to the office earlier than usual that day. As Belinda tried out different outfits to wear, she immediately spotted the cloth her husband wore the previous day in their closet. "Ewwww babe, how many times am I going to tell you this, no dirty clothes inside the wardrobe" she tiredly said as she lifted the dress up. 

At the time this was happening, Ace was still fast asleep and wasn't conscious of what was happening. With no response from him, Belinda folded the dress and wanted to put them into the dirty clothes basket when she felt a paper like texture inside the clothes. "Money?" she puzzled as she excitedly searched to see what she was feeling with her hands. After about a minute later of searching, she removed her hand from the pocket and it was a piece of paper. 

On seeing the paper instead of money, Belinda was slightly disappointed. She reluctantly unwrapped it to see if it was an important information that didn't need to be disposed. Immediately she unwrapped the paper and took one glance at it, her heart dropped drastically.

Have you ever wanted to believe a lie just to feel a bit better because you were scared of accepting the Truth? Do you know what heart break truly means and how it feels like? If you do then you might be able to understand how Belinda was feeling at that moment as she shockingly read through every word that was written on the DNA Test result she was holding. 

As Belinda stood there looking devastated, Ace sluggishly turned towards her direction from the bed. Immediately he set his eyes oh his wife holding a piece of paper, he almost collapsed. The fact that she looked shocked, confirmed his fears that the paper that was in her hands were the DNA Test result. "I am Finished!" he gently muttered. 

Before Ace could utter a word to his shocked wife, few tears dropped from her eyes. She looked towards him and he could see the disappointment and betrayal she was feeling. It was beaming in her eyes and countenance.  

There was pin drop silence as both parties looked dumbfounded. After about 5 minutes of looking lost, Belinda looked at Ace with teary eyes and soberly asked; "Why? Why did you do this? Is this what you have reduced me to? A DNA Test? What for? Oh Wow!"

As tension filled the atmosphere, Ace took a deep breath and shamefully said; "It's not what you think babe, I swear I can explain". 

Belinda gave him a piercing look and said; "There's nothing to explain, I must do my own test and you will pay for it since there's enough money to spend. Save your breath!"

End of episode 4 😉

Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happened next. 

Written by Sonia Okehie

[7/20, 11:21 PM] Martinez: The DNA Test (episode 5) 

There's nothing hidden that won't be revealed and nothing concealed that won't be disclosed; the only factor needed is 'Time'. No matter how fast a person runs, they can never run away from the harvest of what they sowed; whether good or bad. Ace felt his little secret was safe with him forever. Never in a thousand years did he ever imagine that his wife 'Belinda' would find the hidden skeletons in his cupboard. It's apparent that Ace forgot that those who live in glass houses don't throw stones. When you point one finger at someone, don't forget that the other four fingers are pointing right back at You in the face. There was serious fire on the mountain, but Ace hadn't figured yet that his marriage was headed towards a mighty fall that would damage things almost beyond repair. At this point, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed and hope that things don't go too bad for the once lovely couple. 

After the DNA Test result was found by Belinda, she was raged and disappointed at the same time. Never in a thousand years did she ever imagine that her husband of six years was unsure of the paternity of his child. At that moment, it felt as though she had been living with a total stranger all along and it broke her heart to know that Ace had been looking at her all those while as a cheat and unfaithful wife. 

The most annoying thing about the whole situation was the fact that Belinda has never questioned nor doubted her husband's faithfulness in their marriage. She trusted him with all her heart and have never harboured any thought of him cheating on her; that's why she was extremely hurt to find out that he never felt same way with her. Poor Woman! 

As the whole atmosphere got heated, Ace was confused on what to do in order to calm down his wife's temper. He apologised a dozen times but all to no avail as Belinda still stood her ground on conducting her own DNA Test; since she felt he had enough money to spend. "Baby please I'm very sorry, I honestly don't know what came over me. I feel so ashamed of myself and don't know how to redeem myself in your sight because it's clear you are disappointed in me. My colleagues were the ones that instigated the whole thing, it was never in my mind to do a thing such as this. Babe please let go of the anger you are currently feeling and forgive me please" he soberly said.

Everything Ace was saying at that moment felt like 'Cock and Bull' story to Belinda because it still didn't justify nor clear the narrative that he didn't initially trust her. It still didn't change the fact that he perceived her as an unfaithful wife who sleeps around. It was going to take more than a half baked apology with few tears to change her mind.

"See, all this you are saying doesn't change anything at all. If you can be honest with yourself, tell me you didn't doubt my loyalty for you before this test result came out? Tell me you didn't feel like I was a cheat and an unfaithful wife to you? Tell me you didn't have in mind that Junior wasn't your son and that I probably slept with another man and got pregnant, then in turn put the pregnancy on you? There are so many things you have done in the past that questioned your loyalty to our marriage vows but I never let that change the way I felt about you. I still trusted you regardless and forgave you secretly without an actual apology from you but now all I get is a stab at my back. I am not angry with the fact that you did a DNA Test, I am rather angry because you were sneaky about it. Why didn't you communicate with me if you ever had any uncertainties so we can both do the test together? Don't you know that women could also be victims of circumstances in this issue of DNA Test? Why don't you feel like I deserve to do the test too? Anyways I'm done having this conversation with you because nothing can change my mind from doing my own test. That money you want to spend, we will spend it together because I can see there's an overflow from where it's coming from. We are going back to that hospital first thing tomorrow. I will cancel my plans because I must get tested too.. Period!" she said and stormed out of the room. 

On seeing that there was nothing to be done to change his wife's mind, Ace accepted to conduct the test too for her; if that's what it would take for peace to reign. On seeing that Belinda was still raged and furious with the whole situation, he tried his best to calm her down and manage the issue before things escalates further. If only he knew that the battle had only just began. 

All through that day, the whole atmosphere was tensed and filled with negative vibes. Belinda kept malice with her husband and didn't utter a single word to him all through that day. Deep down in her heart, it killed her deeply whenever she remembered the fact that Ace doubted her love and loyalty for him. It was truly heart breaking for her to digest the bitter reality that was right in front of her. 

Trust me when I say that no woman wouldn't be hurt if put in the shoes of Belinda. It's no denial that there are so many unfaithful spouses on earth, but that doesn't mean there aren't good and faithful ones too. It's sad when a stereotype affects people who are far from the reality of that stereotype

Despite the fact that there is a presence of Evil in the world today, we can't still deny the fact that there's a whole lot of Good too. Infidelity might be the order of the day or norm of this present generation, but that doesn't still change the fact that there are faithful and discipline Men and Woman out there who would stand their ground on a relationship and say 'No' to Cheating. Belinda was certainly among those good eggs, but we can't say same for her husband 'Ace', because so many things weren't adding up with the recent findings in their relationship. Belinda was still in the dark but not for too long anymore. 

First thing in the morning the next day, the couple zoomed off to the hospital to conduct the DNA Test. To Ace, he actually wasn't too bothered about the whole thing as he felt his wife was just letting her anger get the better part of her. He couldn't wait for the test to be over so he could apologise properly and make things up to his wife. If only he knew that a bomb was about to be detonated in his home that would make peace far fetched, then I guess he would have reconsidered his thoughts. 

When they arrived at the hospital, the test was conducted with haste because Ace had already informed the Doctor before hand of what was going on. The doctor understood perfectly fine and had to do it just to save their marriage and for peace to reign. 

After the test, they were informed on when the results would be out before finally taking their leave. All through the ride home, Belinda faced towards the window and didn't utter any word to Ace. He knew she was still mad at him despite apologising over a hundred times but that didn't stop him from apologising further. Their marriage was going through a rough path but Ace remained positive that they would scale through sooner or later. 

Immediately they got home, Belinda went to her son's room and locked the door. She was there with Junior all through and tried her best to free her mind from the drama that was happening in her marriage. Every look at Junior brought tears to her eyes and it got the little boy confused. "Mummy why are you laughing and crying?" he innocently inquired. Belinda smiled and tickled him and they both laughed. It was such a sweet moment between mother and son but how long was such moment going to last? Well, we will find out. 

Days passed as they waited for the DNA Test result to be out. The couple lived like strangers in the same house and barely spoke to each other. To be honest, Belinda actually cared less about the DNA Test; she just insisted on doing the test just to get back at her husband. If only she knew that God was using her to unlock more hidden secrets. It's apparent that Fate was talking it's course even without her knowledge.  

Finally, the long awaited test results were out and the couple were informed to come for it. At that time, the anger in Belinda's heart had subsided but she still needed to finished what she had started just to prove a point to her husband.  

As they drove down to the hospital, Ace sudden developed cold feets for reasons unknown. His heart raced non stop and he didn't know why at all. Maybe, it was nature's way of telling the young man that there was fire on the mountain but no one was running yet. I believe his instincts were reacting to the bomb that was about to be detonated at the hospital. Too bad he couldn't see the future to know what was before him that very day.

They arrived at the hospital shortly and headed to the doctor's office. Immediately they entered inside, the countenance of the doctor was off; he looked confused than relaxed. "Good morning doctor" the couple greeted as they took their seats. It was such an awkward meeting and it wasn't long before Ace sensed that something was wrong somewhere. "We are here for the result" Ace said out of nowhere, just to break the silence in the room. 

The doctor looked at Belinda and began to probe her with questions. "How long have you two been married?" he asked, "6 years plus" she replied and he nodded slightly. "When did you have your baby?" he continued, "6 years ago" she replied, "at which hospital?" he added, "Living Stream Hospital" she replied. 

At that moment, Ace was beginning to get scared as he wondered why the doctor was asking his wife all those questions. He looked lost as they conversed and finally chipped in after listening for a while. "Doctor what is it? I'm getting confused now" he said. 

The doctor looked at both of them and took a deep breath. He looked at Belinda afterwards and dropped a shocker; "Your test came out Negative, which means Junior isn't your son". 

Shocked and confused, Belinda screamed "What!". The doctor confusingly looked at her and said; "I am shocked myself". 

End of episode 5 😉

Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happened next. 

Written by Sonia Okehie

Content created and supplied by: Martiwarti (via Opera News )


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