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My Husband’s Baby (Episode 1)

Hey everyone!! It’s your girl A.j….Yup, I’m especially excited to be writing again and guess what, y’all? This story is going to be lit! Packed with better naija drama, suspense, love and even lust! No need to say more… Let’s go there!!!


“Eli-jah! Eli-jah! Eli-jah Elijah!!!” The chanting coming from the sitting room seems to be getting louder by the minute. I grab the pillow off the back off my head and scream frustratingly into it. You see guys, I can’t even scream aloud in my own house from fear of getting found out by mother that I’m already awake and having her force me to join her ‘service’. If only Daniel were here.

 As soon as I think about my husband, my eyes stray to my phone sitting on my dressing table just few feet away.

“God, I miss you so much.” I mutter as I pull the pillow off my face with a long sigh. When is he coming back from his trip to Abuja anyways?! I know we spoke last night buh….. It won’t hurt to hear his voice first thing in the morning.

 Staring at my phone longingly, I ponder on the risks of getting up to grab my phone.

“I just won’t make a noise huh.” I giggle silently to myself as I pull myself up from the bed. I listen for the sound of clapping and vigorous dancing before I tiptoe to the table.

“Got it!” I snicker in victory and nearly do a victory dance for this small victory of mine but turning around, I walk into the chair and bump my toe against the leg.

“No!!!” I whisper yell as the chair loses balance and falls to the tiled floor with a loud bang before I can catch it. My hands fly to my mouth in horror. I probably alerted the whole neighborhood to my awakening. Christ help me!

With bated breath, I quieten my thudding heart to listen for the noise from the sitting room. The singing and clapping seems to have gone up several tempos! I nearly do another victory dance but think better of it and hug my phone instead. Now I can call Daniel. He’ll surely find my predicament this morning, funny.

I’m about to make my way to bed when my door suddenly flies open. I don’t even wait to look up. I dive for my bed and land in a painful heap before throwing the blanket over my head.

‘Please be the maid. Please be the maid.’ I plead in my head as I wait for whoever just walked in to speak.

“You know I saw you practically leap for your bed a moment ago right?” I nearly growl aloud when mother’s voice filters through the blanket and into my ears.


“Get up jhor!” A hit on my bottom has me flying to a sit on the bed.

“Mom!” I whine and the look mother gives me is enough to have me withering.

“I can’t believe you’re up here pretending to be asleep while the prophet and I fight your spiritual battles for you!” She exclaims and I fight not to roll my eyes.

“What battle, mother?” My exasperation is clear on my face.

“Are you seriously asking me that? Don’t you know the kind of community you married into? Esan people are wicked! See…”

“Mom please it’s too early to start castigating Daniel’s people. Moreover, he’s a Benin man not Esan.” I tell her. She just won’t let me drink water and drop cup because I didn’t marry a Yoruba man. Help me ask my mother, who is still tribalistic in this day and age?

“Whether na Esan or na Benin. Same thing to me! Can’t you see their handwork in your marriage, ehn Theresa. Eight years! Years not months! And there has been not a single cry of a baby in your home. Can’t you…”

“Mom, it is God that gives children. You can’t just blame this on Daniel. Infact everyone seems to think I’m the barren one.”

“God forbid, my only daughter can’t be barren. See, that is why I brought the prophet. Iya Funmi said he prayed for her own daughter and she gave birth to twins after six years of marriage! Six!” Mom’s eyes shine with reverence for this prophet but I’ve seen this look in her eyes before. I’ve heard the same about the twenty one prophets that mom has brought into my house. Just to help me. I can’t help but be pessimistic.

“I’m not feeling so well this morning, Mom. And my temperature seems to be spiking by the minute. I’ll just sleep this one off.” I start to pull the blanket over myself again but it is rudely ripped off my body.

“Will you get up from there before I backhand you!” Mom snaps and I have to roll out of bed before her hand finds her target on my face, this early morning.

“This is not fair o. Ah, I’m not a child anymore.” I murmur.

“See this child that I’m trying to help. Come on, move!” Yup, another battle lost to my over assertive mother!

So guys… What do you think? Please drop a comment n let me know okay? Next episode loading…

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