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20 Movie Mistakes In Bahubali You Probably Didn't Notice (Photos)

Baahubali: The Beginning is a 2015 Indian epic fantasy action movie directed by S.S Rajamouli and produced by Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni under Arka Media Works. 

The movie is a big hit because it has taken Indian cinema to the next level and has gained international recognition which is why many people love the movie. 

But despite being a great movie, there are some mistakes in the movie that the producers overlook. Therefore, after careful study of the movie, we were able to point out and present to you the mistakes we noticed in the movie which you probably missed. So follow through to the end to find out what these mistakes are.

20 movie mistakes in bahubali you probably haven't noticed.

20. Here, when the cameras get higher, you can see that there are no trees that were present in the close-ups. It appears as if the trees get on and off at times.

19. In a particular scene which is not a slow-motion scene, the soldiers appeared to be in the air for a long time. How can you explain that?

18. In a particular scene, an axe appeared in bahubali's hand from nowhere. Where did it come from?

17. Here, when they fall after fighting, the distance between them seems not to be too far. But when they tried to reach the sword, the gap between them increased.

16. In this scene, bahubali cuts a sword with his hand without sustaining a scratch. Really!

15. Take a look at the rope when they were trying to pull a golden statue in this scene. There is no tension on the string at all which makes me wonder what they were actually pulling.

14. Look at the magician's red clothes in this scene. It was nowhere to be found right in the next frame.

13. In this scene, noticed that there is no ribbon on her dress. But right in the next shot, a ribbon appeared on her dress from nowhere.

12. A tattoo is missing on his hand during one of their dance show, but right in the next shot, the tattoo reappeared back.

11. Where did they get the snow from in this scene?

10. Bahubali was spotted in a particular scene where he was painting underwater. But can painting be possible underwater?

9. In this scene, baahubali is walking barefooted, but right in the next shot, he is seen with shoes. Where did he get those?

8. In this scene, the waterfall is in the opposite direction which made me ask a question: Where the hell is he climbing?

7. In this scene, the angle of the jump is completely wrong.

6. In this scene, baahubali placed the mask on the wet sand, but not enough pressure to form a perfect face with nostrils.

5. In that same scene, noticed that baahubali kept the mask right beside the molded face. But in the very next shot, the mask disappeared.

4. Just take a look at the position of this man's hand in this scene. The position changes in the next shot for no reason.

3. Here, the lead actor falls from the top of the waterfall hitting rocks before falling, but he didn't sustain even a single scratch. Now, how can you explain that?

2. Notice that the mountains were very far away in this scene, but in the next shot, the mountains are closer.

1. Notice the water in the sea in one scene appears to be flowing slowly, but right in the next frame of the video, the water appears to be moving very fast. So how did that happen?

Is there any mistake in the movie we've missed out which you noticed? Kindly let us know in the comments.

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