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The Untold Agony Of Taraba Artists

Musa Affos (Rhapsodi)

Entertainment is fast growing in Nigeria & our home base artists are trying their very best. Though they seem limited to an extent but I decided to talk about the plight of Taraba artiste. I'm writing as a Blogger, & entertainment lover & one who loves growth. Take a ride

Do you know that Taraba artistes pay upto 15K, 20K, 25K & even more for complete production at DeeYasso's place, same thing at Necsta or Real J's place. They pay at least 1500-3000 for graphic design depending on the designer, they also pay 2, 3, 5-10K at a bloggers place depending on the kind of promo package and blogger too.

They will still need to buy new clothing for shows and performance.

Are you also aware that 95.99% of show organisers don't pay these artists? The few that don't even pay upto 10,000 and the highest pay is likely to be a Peace concert which is another story of its own.

Are you also aware that the government doesn't pay artists nor does the industry pay them, are you also aware that the president of the industry and his cabinet are sacrificial workers.

Aside from Autan Zaki & Charlee Nathan no Taraba artiste has a slot to perform in government events except for DeeYasso that performed ones and maybe Jumlang and a very few negligible number of artistes.

Why am I saying all this?

You should also know that the kind of songs and sounds produced in Taraba can be compared to that in Lagos and even better than some of the A-List artiste. Patoranking, Jumabee, Jo El, Jesse Jagz, Rayce & many others can testify.

Sometimes I just go to WhatsApp groups & Facebook handles and see posts of how we make mockery of our artiste, kill their morale and make them feel worthless and you will come and say "Taraba entertainment isn't growing" how can it grow when you take pride in destroying your own.

You can't share the links to their songs or their graphic art.

You don't support or encourage them financially or motivate them and all you do is criticize absurdly.

I know criticism is good but if it misses the point of objectivity then its noise. And most of you criticize with the sole aim of making mockery and not to correct.

If the way we criticize and insult these artists is the same way we patronize their songs and say good about them, with the numerous portfolios of SA's in Taraba we would have gotten an "SA to Taraba Governor on entertainment".

But not at all. All we do is come to Facebook and begin to ask rhetorically " Do we have celebrities in Taraba"...."Taraba singers can't sing "..etc and behold the gathering of gullible & provocative comments.

Am not just saying for saying sake of lip service but since 2012 till now my ringtones are Taraba songs from Kankyi Gangba's Golden Child to Yerimz's bafanada to Ramie D's superman to Jegs's Shaking love to Martino Yana wa u to Charlee Nathan's Viral story to Dee-Yasso's Eshe, Samsyl's Zingang & My present ringtone is " I pray by Yerimz Ft. El Nelly".

Learn to appreciate your own. When they go wrong, correct them & tell them they can do better.

As much as things ain't going too well now but the truth is these artists are really trying.

But you insult all artists, call them names, you insult all the labels, models, bloggers, shows organisers, awards & efforts yet you want them to grow?

There's a motivation that comes when one's effort is appreciated. We can do more to these artists than just insult.

To artiste, this is not a call to pride but a call to do more and also be receptive when corrected.




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