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"Forget about the joy of motherhood" - check out pictures that describe the joy of being a father

Being a mother is a great thing and it fact it as a thing of greatest joy both to her and the people around her. The joy of being a mother cannot be overemphasized but the feeling hits differently when there is a man by you, you can proudly call the father of your child.

We all celebrate mothers every day. We tell of how they carried us for nine months. We tell of how they nurtured us but we tend to forget that father's also play an important role. We forget the joy of fatherhood.

Have you ever seen man who just lost his baby? If you have, you'll have know how men feel when they have a child of whom they can call their own. The joy that comes when that child calls them "daddy" is a thing that gives them happiness. In fact words can't just explain the joy that men feel to be fathers but I think these pictures will explain them better.

Fathers should also be celebrated and appreciated just the same way mothers are.

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