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Battle of the best & unique clothing line: Tacha’s clothing line vs Mercy’s clothing line.

Since they came out from the famous tv reality show, big brother naija Mercy and Tacha are arguably two of the best out all the housemates.

Even though mercy was crowned the winner at the end of the show, Tacha became a winner in reality as she too won several heart and awards outside of the house.

Well it’s was Tacha that first lunched her clothing line NLTN which was acceptable by her fans she claim the cloth she made was sold out between one week. This was a height that some couldn’t just do.

Mercy also lunched hers even though many said she copied Tacha. But there was a little twist to the outfit of mercy’s clothing line.

We want to know between the two clothing like which wins the best and the unique clothing line. Or they are just the usual clothing line no special thing there? Kindly drop your answer via the comment box.

Mercy’s slogan “I just wan relass and be taken kiaruf”

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Mercy NLTN Tacha


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