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Opinion: I don't think it's right that my neighbour donated his house for an x rated movie shoot.

Few weeks ago, we were drinking and chilling in our usual spot. One of our friends told us that some group of movie producers were looking for a nice apartment to shoot a movie and that they are willing to pay well. I didn't bother to ask what kind of movie but I was actually interested because of the fact that payment was being involved.

I told him I was interested so we exchanged contacts and he said he would call me later to brief me on when and how the business will take place. I waited for almost a week to get a call from him but it didn't come so I just decided to get my mind off it. Three weeks after, he called me when I was in the office and asked if he could arrange a meeting with me later in the day and I agreed.

We agreed on 5:00pm and I went with my neighbour to the meeting, after a serious discussion I got to find out that they wanted a place to shoot an adult movie but I wasn't cool with the idea so declined and we all left the place. I didn't know that my neighbour had actually contacted them later and accepted the offer for himself.

He later informed me and I was actually curious to know if they would shoot the movie for real so I asked him to inform me when the date was fixed for the movie shoot. The day was fixed and he invited me over, at first I was reluctant but I later decided to go and see for myself. Hmm, what I saw there is not to be said because if I start describing it, opera might reject this article.

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