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Meet The 30-Year-Old Model Who Was Expelled From Saudi Arabia supposedly for being "too handsome"

Omar Borkan Al-Gala is an handsome Iraqi. The 30-year-old photographer was born in Baghdad, Iraq but was raised in Dubai. He's a model and a photographer regarded as one of the most handsome men in the world.

He studied hotel management at the Faculty Executives Hotel International Institute in Dubai. He came to limelight worldwide in 2015 when new hit the internet that he was asked to leave Saudi Arabia during a festival in the country.

In an interview in 2015, Borkan narrated that some girls saw him on the stand at the festival and came to take photos with him but the "religion police" didn't like it. The police department later released a statement that they feared the ladies will fall in love with him. However, a delegation from Saudi Arabia will later issue a disclaimer saying they only asked them to leave the festival and not the country in entirety. They also commented it wasn't because he was too handsome but because he made "indecent" dances on the stage.

This however was the wake of his popularity. His acting and modelling work gained more recognition after this. In 2013, he moved to Vancouver and married Yasmin Oweidah with whom he has a son.

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