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Stunning Photos of Nollywood Actress Luchy Donalds showing off her Makeup-free face.

Luchy Donalds is one of the Nollywood actresses who enjoy flaunting their natural faces on Instagram. She is confident with her skin and face. Since she rose to the spotlight, she has appeared in over 100 Nollywood production and still counting. When mentioning names of beautiful actresses in Nigeria, it will be a flaw if her name is not called. She is a true definition of African beauty.

The truth is every lady is beautiful in their way and must learn to appreciate and see the beauty within them. It is also unfortunate that society has set some beauty standards which makes only fair ladies pretty and other ladies of different tones ugly.

This reminds me of what happened in my room some time ago, my roommates were listing the names of beautiful actresses in the industry, I noticed they are only calling the fair ones, so I intervened and asked them what about the dark ones among them, that was when they started including the names of some dark actresses. The sad truth is that my roommate is also dark, so she didn't see the beauty in women with her kind of color. This does not mean that the fair ladies are not beautiful.

Actress Luchy is dark in complexion. She is a true definition of black is beautiful. There are some features that she possesses that makes her beautiful, take a glance at her baby face, pointed nose, and lovely smile. She is also naturally endowed with a nice body shape and curves.

Most of her photos are taken on movies set which she normally features as a poor village girl with her village girl outfits.

With the number of makeup blunders ladies make most times, it will be great for ladies to adopt some skincare routine that will make their skin glow. I'm talking about moisturizing, exfoliate, and using correct skin products.

I think dark ladies should appreciate their skin and beauty, that way they will be representing other black ladies. Luchy Donalds is a good example of a dark lady people will look up to. Do not bleach your skin because there are repercussions that are bad.

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