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I came out in the middle of the night, this is what I saw my landlady doing:[Fiction]

I doubt if I can still forgive my landlady after what I saw her doing last night,in the world today you can't fully trust anyone not even yourself.

Sometimes you may be passing through tough times that's because there is evil people around you, most public House is filled with evil and dangerous people who are always there to bring you down.

Living in a public House can be very risky if you are not the prayer type,you may be passing through tough times but you don't know it's from were you are living.

In my case,am going to share my experience with my landlady,I came out in the middle of the night to use the toilet,this is what I saw my landlady whom everybody thought he was an angel but he is the enemy of the house.

My name is James am 35years,I lived with my family in a public compound,I never liked it there but I stay due to how low the house rate was,the house rate was affordable for me so I was managing myself and my family.

Nobody in that company where I lived who does not like our landlady,she is this caring type of person who showed so much love for kids in the compound,we parents seems to put so much trust on her.

We do call her mother Christmas due to the fact she cares for the kids and she always understand you each time you complained of not being able to pay your house rates,she do understand but little do we know (mama)was not the kind of person we think she is.

I am a successful business man and I worked so hard to put food on my table,I am my wife have been married for good 6years and we have lived in different compounds but we have not seen or come across any landlady who is as kind hearted like our landlady she is so kind to the extent I felt as if am living in my in-laws house.

One day my first child came to me and tell me that she dreamt about out landlady,she said our landladu was running after her in the dream and she wanted to kill her,I was so shocked to hear this from a 10years old girl instead of me to take it seriously I just wave it off and told her not to tell anyone about this,but what she said keep hit my mind,I can't stay a day without thinking about it so I told my wife what my daughter told me.

She was so scared,she told me we should pack out of the house but I told her it just a dream from a young child there is nothing to worry about, besides our landlady is not capable of doing such things to the kids she cares so much about, so not course for alarm.

Our landlady is an old woman she lives alone in her house, since I started staying in that compound I have never seen anyone who came to visit her as a son or daughter not even a family member, anytime we tried to find out about her family she will find a way to change the topic,he will not want to open up.

I thought it was only my daughter that dreams those can of dreams but one of our neighbors told me the same thing,he said his son dreamt about our landlady who was trying to kill him in his dream,that was when I told him about my daughter's dreams too,so we all became suspicious of our landlord's behavior towards our kids.

One day I came back from work and I was so stressed out from work so I did not even bothered to eat my food,I just went to bed like that,my kids and wife have already gone to bed.

At about 12 o'clock in the middle of the night,I wanted to use the toilet,then I over heard some strange voice coming from my window,I slowly want to see what or who was that makes that noise,but to my greatest surprise I saw our landlady who everyone sees as an angel but was not!!.

I did not full understand what she was doing,so I waited for a while just to be sure am seeing the right thing,my landlady was clothed with dirty clothes and there was a Calabash right in front of her,she was calling the names of all the kids in that compound including my own kids.

She was with all the pictures of all the children in that compound, how she got it I just can't tell,the pictures were inside the Calabash as she was doing all those things I ran towards her and hit her on the back,that was when I started call all the neighbors to come and see what our landlady was doing at this late hour of the night.

Please be careful of the place you are staying nobody can be trusted this days,and always be prayerful.

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