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Singer Narrates How She Almost Lost Her Life At The Hands Of A Policeman

A police officer's duty is to protect the general public and enforce the law, in order to effectively do this, they are authorized to carry guns or other weapons, but what happens if they start abusing this authority? That is if they start using these weapons to bully ordinary citizens?

An upcoming musician narrated her experience with a trigger-happy policeman, according to her she was invited to perform at a wedding, after the wedding she saw that some policemen were arguing with the bride's brother, they were at the point of shooting him when she tried to intervene and begged them to stop, but it happened that she was the one the bullet hit, she passed out and woke up in a hospital, the bullet hit her shoulder, just four centimeters from her heart, if it had hit her heart it would have been a different story.

She is very lucky indeed for the bullet to have missed her heart, her story would have been more tragic, the saddest part is that she did not do anything wrong and was trying to mediate the situation before it got out of hand. What can we do about such trigger-happy policemen?



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