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3 Reasons Why Angel's "Relationship" With Cross Might Not Be A Strategy As Claimed By Many

Over the course of the Big Brother Naija "Shine Ya Eyes" show, two housemates (Cross and Angel) have gradually become very close to the point that it now seems as though they have caught feelings for each other.

Cross and Angel are two very free housemates who like to cruise along and have as much fun as they can on the show. They have shared some passionate moments and while some people are happy with the relationship/situationship, others tend to have a different opinion.

Some persons have claimed at one point or the other that Angel's relationship with cross might be a strategy to help advance her game because she has also been close to other guys in the house same way she is now close to Cross.

Here are 3 reasons why Angel's relationship with cross might not be as strategy as claimed by many people.

1. During the early stages of the show, Angel revealed to the housemates that she has a crush on Cross. However, she and Sammie were close at that point and that may be the reason she didn't do anything about her feelings for Cross.

2. After Saskay turned Cross down, Cross also revealed to some housemates that he likes Angel and he would like to get closer to her. This goes to show that the feeling of affection is mutual between the both of them and that Angel's affection for cross is not a strategy.

3. The genuine happiness Angel displays whenever Cross wins a game and vice versa in the house is enough to show that she is truly attracted to Cross.

What do you think about how close Angel and Cross have gotten during the course of the show?

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