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Lady About To Get Married To A Man She Met On Twitter

Many people have said that social media love doesn't last. This may be true, as some people begin a relationship on social media and end it there without even meeting each other for once. But this is not the case with everyone. Some people are actually destined to meet their spouses online, like the case of Barliqees and her husband to be.

This young beautiful woman who goes by the name Barliqees on Twitter took to her social media to announce her engagement to her fiance who she had met on Twitter.

She revealed that the young man had slid into her DM. Fortunately she was in the mood to talk that day and they kicked off on a good note. Gradually things got deeper and more serious and now she's a happily engaged woman, soon to be married. It's amazing what can happen from a little chat. Maybe ladies shouldn't be so harsh to the guys who slide into their DMs. I mean you never know if that is where your husband will come from.

Read the bride to be's testimony in her own words.

“A short story! Dude sent a DM and as heaven will have it, it was one of those days I was in a good mood. We met around early december and I’m like, who will date this one. Life happened and he asked me to marry him last night😩".

Congratulations to the couple and we wish them a happy married life.

Do you know of any other married or engaged couple who met through social media? What do you think about social media relationships? Please tell us in the comments section.

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