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Look At How A Make-Up Artist Converted Her Face to Micheal Jackson, Sparrow And Other Celebrities

Makeup pertains to magnificence and beautification components that are primarily used to decorate the face and change the appearance, style, and look of a specific face of someone.

In this present world, There are numerous make-up commodities available to formulate different outcomes on someone's face, it is available in various places, it just depends on the one you need at a specific time and what you want to use it for.

Effect makeup formulates multiple surprises as its beautification is mainly to transform a person's look to a different look that can be either beautiful or weird.

Some makeup artists formulate magic, I call them low-budget surgeons because they do almost similar work a surgeon does, like converting a woman's face to a man look, and vice versa, just that it can't be permanent, that is one of the differences between through surgery.

On a viral video on social media, young talented artists took a face painting on a higher level as she paints her face to different top celebrities.

Queen Elizabeth.

In the video, she converted her face to the exact queen Elizabeth's look, her hair and facial expressions were intact and I was wondering how she was able to do that. The lady has an oval shape of the face, but she was able to make it look like that of Queen Elizabeth who has a round face, isn't that amazing?

Micheal Jackson

This particular transformation surprised me cause there is how his face and nose are, they are quite different from hers, but she did it perfectly well.

Sparrow Jack

Sparrow is an actor in a particular movie, the costume was prepared according to the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. This make-up artist converted her look to that of a sparrow and she looked exactly like him.


Children will know this character more, it's from a character used in Disney animated children movie, its a cartoon, but the other lady was the face who inspired the movie character reason I joined them together.

These transformations are extremely Amazing and I have not seen such in a very long time.

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