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3 Notable Things Angel Did In The BBN House That Made Her Trend Online

The BBN season 6 show has come to an end, and Angel Smith is arguably one of the most popular housemates for this season. Her popularity came as a result of some of the things she did in the house. Some of these things were commended while some were criticized. In this article, I would be sharing with you 3 Notable things Angel did in the BBN house that made her trend online.

1) She revealed that she is 21-years-old:

Angel at a point in the show revealed that she is 21-years-old and this made several viewers including some of the housemates react. Her age became a trending topic online because a lot of people felt that she looked more mature than a 21-year-old lady. It is obvious that some people found Angel's age really hard to believe because of how exposed and confident Angel is. Some of them concluded that she was joking and this made several people try to investigate if she was actually telling the truth. A photo of Angel as a child later surfaced online and the date on the photos seemed to be a proof that she is actually 21 as she said.

Her mother also stood up in her defence when she was being criticized online. She addressed Angel, her daughter, as a 21-year-old, and this also became a proof that Angel didn't lie about her Age.

2) She became really close to Several male housemates: Angel is apparently one of the most jovial and friendly housemates this season. She made friends with a lot of people in the BBN house, and one thing that really made her trend was her closeness to several male housemates. Her closeness to these male housemates became a topic of discussion because she shared romantic moments with some of these male housemates and this seemed to confuse some viewers.The viewers couldn't put a label on Angel's relationship with some of the male housemates. She got really close to Sammie, Yousef, and Cross. However, she didn't officially get into a romantic relationship with any of them.

3) She was known for putting on revealing outfits:

Angel's choice of outfit remains one of the most talked about topic concerning her in the BBN house. The reality TV star began putting on revealing outfits as the show started and this was something that a lot of viewers couldn't help but notice. It became a trending topic and a lot of people criticized her for choosing to wear revealing outfits in the BBN house.Some of the housemates also brought up the issue of Angel's dressing, and that was when she revealed that she feels confident and beautiful in those kinds of outfits.

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