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See this hilarious meme of what would your school note say if they could talk. this is so funny

A socialite took to his twitter page to share this hilarious meme on a topic he tagged if your books could talk this’s probably what they will be saying.

This will obviously make your day and wipe away that stress from your face. Reading it I laughed out so loud because I could easily relate.

Even humans like us could relate like this when a mere tired of somethings, just like when we had total lockdown, so the books are also having a total lockdown.

So he put up his imagination to work as he tried to imagine what the books would be saying if they could talk like humans.

The captions are so funny as tried his best to make it real and funny at same time.

Well check the hilarious photos below. Well is this sense or nonsense. Kindly drop your comment to share your own if books could be talking what will they be saying.

Now you have it. Hope it’s was worth the time. Don’t forget to use the comment box to share your side.

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