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''We Met on Twitter last year, today he's Proposed to me'' - Lady shares her engagement ring online

Love can be attained at every point in life. Doesn't matter the place, time and adventures surrounding it.. Your partner can be seen or met anywhere provider you make up your mind, be realistic, optimistic and kindhearted and that love or partner you've been seeking will be seen.

The social media is a place where people of different races, class and tribes meet together and become friends even without meeting each other. In recent times, many have got mouthwatering jobs, met their partners and got big contracts through it. Others too make a fortune from it as influencers, marketers and brand promoters. You too can fit in an part of these provided your mind is open to the opportunities abound.

A lady by name @Barliqees recently shared online how she met the love of her life through a DM she got from the stranger but fortunately for him, she was in a good mood then. They yesterday night, she got engaged and about walking down the aisle with him.

See Below.

People really congratulated her for her success while others vowed to be checking their message box for perhaps potential suitors.

The social media is vast with opportunities which you too can benefit from. Avoid being rude to people that try checking up on you. Certainly there are assholes but your ability to distinguish both is what makes you an ideal woman. Be friendly and kind, and for sure, your aims will be met which necessary may not be a life partner but other things inclusive.

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