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COVID-19; See Beautiful Wedding Pictures With Facemasks Around The World!


Marriage is one among the greatest things in life which any human will like to do or have done it. But during the COVID-19 period many wedding has been postponed

COVID-19 has been the greatest pandemic of which the entire mankind has ever encounter with.

The coronaviruse pandemic has became a tremendous weapon in fighting the life of inhabitants of the world, thereby implemented more fear in the heart of many individuals especially in those days which it was freshly risen.

Thus this fear which stayed in the heart of many people had made them postponed there nice events which they had prepared.

And because some people take it very serious that they couldn't postpone there wedding events, thus they decided to programmed there wedding events with facemasks.

Down below are the 13 beautiful wedding pictures which have happened during the coronaviruse pandemic around the world

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