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History: Remembering Taiwo Akinkunmi The Man Who Designed Nigeria National Flag

In history about 62years ago there was a contest organized by some elites and political leaders about a flag design competition, then Nigeria do not have the exact flag that depicts their country as the time of independence commemoration is approaching and they must have a flag to fly and celebrate.

Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi (OFR) who was born on the 10th of May 1936 currently 84years of age born in Ibadan, a Yoruba origin man also an electrical engineering and a retired civil servant came out then to contest on who is going to design the best suitable flag for Nigeria.

So many contestants try their own best in designing Nigeria flag, but Micheal Taiwo Akinkunmi flag was chosen as the best flag he designed which was two green colour and white colour, known as (gree-white-green) till now, since then he rose into popularity, fame and respectful citizen across the nation.

The Nigeria history can never forget him so easily he is the one who designed the current Nigeria flag we are using, due to his hardwork to serve his father land he called "Mr Flag Man" the name given to him by some elites white and black men in Nigeria then.

After the flag has gone through so many review, the red colour sun shape he design at the middle of the flag (green colours) was later removed to make it more unique.

Before his was chosen as the best welled-design flag he was query, why did you choose to draw the Nigeria national flag with two colours? Then he said the green colour represent the (Nigeria Nature wealth) while the white colour stand for the peace to reign in the land (Nigeria).

People think about this, what an extremely thinkable sense as we all know that Nigeria was about to got their independence then, do not make this mistakes when many people were ask this kind of questions that, how many colour do Nigeria flag has; it is two not three we can also share this article around social network so that people can gain two or three things.

If you're not that busy read this and digest it then narrates them to your kids at home or read it for them and ask them some questions if they understand in this period.

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