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Reactions As Die Hard Fan Dedicates His New Born Baby To Wizkid

The love most people have for their favorite Celebrity can be quite crazy at times. It is okay to love a celebrity, of course everybody has that particular Celebrity that they love so much. Just that most people are now making it an obsession, they are becoming obsessed with these Celebrities and taking it to the next level. It is okay it love your favorite Musician, but there should be a limit to the things you do because of that Celebrity.

So far people have done alot of crazy and weird things just to get the attention of their favorite Stars. Some people Drew Tattoos of their favorite stars on their bodies, while some Drew painting of their Celebrities on their body. When they do this they normal get noticed, because it would attract the attention of the Celebrity.

The quest for getting noticed by their favorite Celebrities have pushed alot of people to go higher. Now it has gotten to a weirder and stranger extent, where most people see these Celebrities as gods or something.

A Man that attracted the attention of a whole lot of people on Twitter Dedicated his new born baby to Wizkid, he placed the new born baby just beside a photo of Wizkid. He said he has dedicated the little boy to Wizkid, and alot of people got annoyed about it.

When he was getting bad remarks about the act, he came back to explain that he didn't mean that he dedicated his son to Wizkid as God, but he dedicated his son to Wizkid Musically. Which means that when his son grows up, he would love for his Son to be a fan of Wizkid too and not another celebrity.

Well this is just to prove how much he loves Wizkid, and he would also love it if his kids grow up as a Wizkid fan. Things don't always work out this way, that little baby can grow up and even decide to be a fan of Davido who is a rival to Wizkid.

Some people reacted in funny ways in the comments section, some said that what if the child grows up and loves another artist, and what if the baby doesn't like Wizkid in future. Some people said that why didn't he dedicate his baby to a Christian Musician, that he shouldn't have dedicated the little baby to Wizkid

See reactions below;

People need to learn how to love their celebrities, but still be able to do the right things. There should always be a limit to everything we are doing for them before it gets out of hand.

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