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Random Jokes And Funny Pictures That Will Make You Laugh Out This Monday

Random Jokes And Funny Pictures That Will Make You Laugh Out This Monday.

Joke 1

Girls Be serious, 2 months of dating you already want to meet my parents. Even me it's took me 9 months to meet my own parents.

Joke 2

A man walks into a police station and announces, "My wife’s gone missing" - The police officer says, "Ok sir, we’ll help you. Since when has your wife been missing?" - The man replies, "Since about a month ago." - The police officer is shocked, "What? A month?! Why on Earth are you coming only now?!" - "Well… I’ve no clothes to put on anymore."

Joke 3

When a guy loves a girl he walks up to her and tell her, but when a girl loves a boy she sits back and wait for the holy spirit to minister to him.

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Joke 4

My sister if your Boyfriend is cheating on you with another girl, don't cry just steal that girl's number from his phone. Call that lady, pretend to be his sister and thank her for encouraging him for taking his HIV drugs, then sit back and watch. God will handle the rest. 

Joke 5

Main reason why I have not travelled to abroad, What If I get chased by a dog that doesn't understand Kai Kai Kai.

Joke 6

Gala sellers will run 100 metres just to meet your bus, you touch the gala and say "it's not soft" my sister/brother you will not make heaven.

Joke 7

Just can't believe am related to Dangote, his mother and my mother are both mothers.

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