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How Emmannuella and Aunty Success became the most popular kids in Africa

How Emmannuela and Aunty Success Became the Most Popular Kids in Africa - Mark Angel Comedy Welcome and thanks for reading my post. We are taking a dive into the lives of two of the most famous kids in Africa, Emmannuela and Success. Emmannuela and success are Nigerian comedians and child actors and are popular for performances in the very popular comedy skit called mark angel comedy. These kids have won the hearts of millions of fans around the world. their brilliant performances and their sense of humour. New episodes of the mark angel comedy skits is being released every Friday on their YouTube channel which has more than 6 million subscribers with close to a Billion views. if you are new here welcome be sure to follow Mrbeast7 so as to get a notification and so you don't miss any of my informative interesting posts.

The beginning

Emmannuela Samuel popularly known as Emmannuela was born on 22th of July 2010 in port Harcourt rivers state Nigeria, At the age of 5 she was already performing in school plays. She started her comedy career in 2016 when she met Mark Angel during a family gathering, mark Angel needed some kid for his comedy skit that had been ongoing since 2011 so he auditioned many kid and Emmannuela was chosen to be part of the show after several auditions. Mark Angel had to convince her parents to let her become a part of the Mark Angel Comedy team and got their approval. Her fame started after the comedy skit "This is Not My Real Face Oh" in which she was making jokes about a teacher to her fellow student without knowing the student was the teachers Child. that has accumulated more than 10 million views across social media platforms. She her debut in the comedy skit in 2016, has features in almost every episode of the mark Angel Comedy skit. 

Her co star success popularly known as aunty success was born on 19th of July 2013 in port Harcourt river state Nigeria where she currently lives with her parents due intelligence and sense of humour she was, introduced into the mark Angel comedy skit her Uncle Mark Angel in the latter part of 2017 and has immediately become fans favourite. She has starred in almost of episode of the comedy skit since 2018 with some of her most popular episodes being Legit Business, Admission and Police Officer just to mention a few. Both Kids have also performed in some of the biggest stand up comedy show like Ay live and Funnybone untamed. Due to popular demand , they embarked on a campus tour, thrilling students with their brilliant performance nationwide. Contrary to Emmannuela who have been travelling to so many countries, Aunty success travelled out of Nigeria for the first time on 2018. where she on Vacation with some of her co stars on comedy skit.

Awards and Recognitions

According to Displore: Emmanuelle has been a part of the mark angel comedy skit for more for than five years and has won quite a few awards and recognition. Her comedy sits are watched world wide and her fan base has witness a large increase over the years. In 2018, Emmannuela was invited to the National Assembly by Senate President Bukola Saraki on account of her landing a role in a Disney film. She made the announcement of her role in the Disney film on her Instagram handle. In 2016, Emmannuela won the award for Top Subscribed Creator from YouTube at the inaugural edition of the Sub-Saharan African YouTube Awards. She also won the Best New Comedienne & Princess of Comedy awards at the Afro-Australia Music & Movie Awards (AAMMA). She was hosted by CNN in November 2016. In 2015, she won the G-Influence Niger Delta Special Talent Award. 

Aunty Success is still very new in the game but within her short stay she has been able to make the world laugh and touch many hearts with her intelligence and sense of humour. She is one of the most love and popular kid not only in Nigeria but Africa as a whole. Considering the fact that she is part of the mark Angel comedy skit, A win for mark Angel is a win for success.

Emmannuela and success are still kids but are already taking the world by storm, according to multiple sources, their combined Net worth is estimated at 150k dollars gotten from brand deals, ad revenue from YouTube and sponsorships making them one of the richest kids in Nigeria which is quite impressive considering their tender ages. Both Children are still in school so for now they are jogging both their acting carriers and school and we wish them all the best in life. Emmannuela and success are special kids and I would like to know which amongst them is you favourite and why. Thanks so much for reading this post. if there is any particular African celebrity you would like to know their success story, leave a comment below and please don not forget to follow and share this article with your friends. Source Wikipedia

Content created and supplied by: MrBeast7 (via Opera News )

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