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Summary Story Of The Prodigal Son With Moral Lessons!


prodigal son story

It was a long time ago whereas a rich farmer had two sons. He loved them dearly and cheerfully and thought in his heart of sharing his riches between them when he died.

And the youngest son decided he did not want to wait till his father died before he could take his portion, so he went to his father and asked, “Father, can I have the money portion now?

I am very young and I can enjoy the sweet of the money.” The father was very sad but he decided to have gave the money to his son because he loved him very much.

After he had collected the money, this son went to live in the new city very far away!

In those days he had a lot of fun and made many friends as possible but soon he spent all those money and all his friends left and ran away from him.

After that the money had finished and there was a great famine, thus the son sought and found the job of feeding pigs with a local farmer nearby.

He used to get very little and miserable money and had to stay hungry most of the time.

prodigal son story

Then he later thought to himself, “ Why I am dying of hunger here?" Even the servants in my father's house get more food than they need so why am I dying here? I think I will ask my father to forgive me even if I will work on his farm.”

When he decided to go back and as he came near his tiwn, his father saw him since from afar then he came running to meet his son.

When they met, the son kneel and begged his father to forgive him. Instead the father rose and hugged him and said to his servants...

“Bring him some nice clothes and prepare very fast a great feast! My lost son has been found I'm very glad!

Moral Lessons......

(1) Don't rush in life otherwise things will be soon crash on the way - No good building which will be finished in a day...

(2) Whenever you do mistake or you maltreated someone perhaps he or she is only waiting for you to ask for forgiveness and everything will be fine....

(3) When you sin against God try to ask for forgiveness, as he forgives whatever kind of sin which you go deep therein.


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