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"I no fit sleep; I no fit chop" -Motara explains what happened to her after what she did to a beggar

Twitter influencer, Motara has explained what she went through after teasing a beggar in the street. A couple of days ago, a viral video was released about a particular Twitter influencer named Motara who was videoed teasing a young girl in traffic.

The economy of the country is not in good shape and you get to see young girls who are supposed to be under the care of their parents roaming the street to beg for alm. Doing this mean they have no choice, as they have to survive. Getting to see them on the streets, if you can't help them, why not just stare clear.

Motara was totally condemned for drinking in a teasing fashion right in front of the beggar. Speaking about the incidence, Omotara seem to be very sorry after the video received huge criticism. According to her, she eventually gave the girl some money after the whole video. What she did is still unforgivable and she intends to find the girl and beg her.

Omotara spoke with BBC concerning the incident. She said, "I no fit sleep; I no fit chop. What I did was just shameful and I can use my whole life to right this wrong".

I guess Omotara is not happy with what she did after taking a look at his action later on. This life, you have to be careful with what you do; not everything is a joke. Not all you do is funny!

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