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Mixed Reactions After Man Began A Search For His Friend He Last Saw 26 Years Ago

Life, as we know, is made up of several stratas - During which we meet a lot of people, some come to stay on a lifelong basis and others for a short time. Whatever the situation is, there will always be those who hold a special place in our hearts. A Twitter user by the name Damilola Oduolowu on Saturday began a search for a friend 'Erioluwa' he last saw 26 years ago, on social media.

According to him, Erioluwa was the little bride, while he was the little groom at his uncle's marriage in Oyo State 26 years ago. In his tweet, he indicated that he just clocked 30 years 'TheBig30' and as such, began the search for his long-lost friend.

Damilola isn't the only one who has been faced with this sad dilemma. Many of us do have childhood friends we greatly miss, and may never have the chance of meeting with them in the remaining years of our lives.

There was just that one special friend we hold so dearly in our heart. At the juvenile stage of our lives, he/she was all that mattered the most to us, and tying the knots with that friend may be our most desired fantasy.

It is not uncommon to find guys attempting to settle down when they clock 30, especially starting a family of theirs'.

In my opinion, settling down with Erioluwa must have been the motivation for his search, despite not seeing the supposedly grown-up Lady in the last 26 years.

Change is one thing that is constant in life, as a lady nearly 30 years of age, she most likely would be married having kids of her own.

Certainly a lot has changed between the two in the past 26 years. We do hope that the reunion turns out for Damilola according to his expectations.

There were several reactions to Damilola's tweet, here are some of them.

@Wonder Woman tweeted, "I was low-key expecting to see a pic of you getting married when I opened the thread."

@T.O.L.U reacted stating that he had once gone down that lane. "The last time I went hunting a childhood acquaintance, I ended up reminding her parents about their loss."

@Atanda Waziri reacted saying, "I completely relate to this feeling of yours. I used to have this affectionate friend too. I certainly feel like seeing what she is like currently. We lost touch around 2002 (19years ago). Her name is Chidinma Odemene. Location: CBN Housing Estate, Enugu State."

@Emmanuel tweeted, "Don't mind him, if he wants to know the whereabouts of the girl he knows where to beam his light."

@Obanijesu tweeted, "I think you should your uncle’s wife for the mother of the girl that did little bridesmaids for her. From there you’ll put the puzzles together."

@Opemidimeji reacted by saying, "I am waiting for Erioluwa to show up under this tweet. 'Hi Dammie, I'm Eri from 26years ago, I have also been looking for you.' I hope you find Eri anyways, Happy Birthday King."

Source: Instablog

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