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It is Not My Responsibility The Version of me You Have Created in Your Mind, Regina Daniels Revealed

If you are a person that has a formed personality of whom Regina Daniels should be like, then you might be in for some disappointment, as the beautiful Nollywood actress had disclosed via an Instagram post that, '' The version of her you created in your mind, is not her responsibility '' she revealed, after sharing beautiful images of herself on her Instagram page.

One thing about her post is that, as a celebrity many people look up to her, aside from her being a role model as a public figure, many people will expect her not to do certain things, due to harboring one feeling about her or another, which might not be fair to her or her personality, as she is only a human that is meant to live her own life devoid of people expectation which they might have placed on her, whether she is aware of it or not.

It is wonderful for her to come out and lay a disclaimer based on people placing certain responsibilities on her and expecting her to live with it, even though she might not be aware of such type of responsibilities, it is good that she is letting those set of people know that they are on their own with whatever type of feeling they might be having in regard to her life.

This is one thing that comes to being a celebrity, as a celebrity's life is lived under the full glare of the public, hence for one reason or the other celebs are meant to serve as role models, bearing certain ethics even themselves might not be aware of which is never fair to them, as they are only human and should be allowed to make their own mistakes as every other human on earth. 

Images credit: Regina Daniels Instagram page.

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