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See The Cake Expert Who Made A Selfie Cake Of Herself

Many people in the world were created with special talents and abilities.

The girl on the above picture is called Natalie.

She have a Youtube channel where she lectures people on how to make hyper realistic cakes.

She has made many outstanding and bizarre cakes. Following are some of her works.

She also made a cake that stands out from all her works.

It was her selfie cake.

According to her, her youtube followers inspired her to make a selfie cake of herself which she later decided to give a try.

It took her about 40 hours to complete this work.

Natalie's selfie cake made her popular because she is the first person in the world to make such image with a cake.

She now gets countless of contracts to make cakes for people on different occasions.

Finally, Natalie encourages everyone to stick to their dream and put much love on the work they do.

Content created and supplied by: Medusah (via Opera News )

Cake Natalie Youtube


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