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If You Want To Laugh Hard, Then See These Memes

This hilarious memes have composed will make you laugh out your pain.

How I thought baby were born when i was small.

Guess the animal.

Four stages of life.

Rapture is near.

I started using Facebook from this version.

How I sing National anthem when I see the principal.

I have a special talent.

That moment when you realized they weren't waving at you.

Have you noticed the smell of popcorn is sweeter than the popcorn itself.

History of Coronavirus.

I don't know about you but I grew up inherited this behavior from my parents and I will surely pass it down.

Stay single if you want to live.

Me when my alarm goes off in the morning.

Dating slim girl is cute until you throw her out of the house and she enters through the bathroom pipe.

We have 7 Saturdays in a week because of lockdown.

I give you lift and you tell me to reduce my speed.

When someone tries to pronounce meme as Mimi.

You came to class late and out of anger your lecturer smashed your newly bought iPhone 11, what will you do?.

Play Liverpool straight winning with two thousand naira.

To us who never fainted before.


Content created and supplied by: Semoshina (via Opera News )

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