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I Respect Intelligence, Not Fame - Gospel Filmmaker Speaks

I Respect Intelligence; Not Fame - Popular Gospel Filmmaker Speaks

Oreofe Williams, a Gospel movie producer known for his hit movie "Awojesu," has taken to his Facebook account to express his preference for high intelligence quotience, rather than fame.and

Here is his article;

"I respect intelligence; not fame

Few years ago, a very popular female actor had come late to our location having got paid. She gave me a dozen excuses and I, as a mark of honour, ignored the issue even though I wouldn't tolerate that as Director.

Not long after that, I invited her to another project and she came late again. Not only that, she kept whooping all the blame on our PM when it was obvious she messed up. This time, I was not going to listen to her score of excuses. I walked her out of the location. Despite all pleas, I said NO!!!

I know there are quite a number of celebrities who think fame is everything. They feel once they are known, the end has come. They become stupidly arrogant and impervious to correction. I know movie directors that can't tell popular actors what to do and not to do on a movie set. Everything goes!

I told a very famous actor at a time. He had snobbed someone and it looked embarrassing to that fellow:

' People have been famous before you. People will be famous after you. It is your time now, be humble. There are people who blazed the trail years ago and are struggling to survive today. Caution!'

Today, for that simple counsel which many couldn't tell him, he sees me as one of his counsellors and asks ideas from me.

What is fame without intelligence. Intelligence instills discipline in you; it stands you out; it stretches the respect others have for your fame. Lots of famous people lack social intelligence and emotional intelligence.

This is why some folks get disappointed when they get close and listen to the words of famous people they once cherished. To xray the IQ of a famous person, all I need is to read his book or article, watch his film, listen to his music. If you watch a film and questions the intelligence, the writer or director has challenges. You can't detach your person from your works. 

Fame without intelligence is a disaster. I will rather honour an intelligent man than a famous person.

I respect intelligence; not fame."

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