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5 Actors Who Have Proved To Be Talented In Portraying Some Villainous Roles In Movies

1. Jeremy Irons

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This Oscar-winning actor has covered a ton of ground over the years from theaters to live-action to animation. With an unconventional look and an accent most people will kill for, Irons has patented the sarcastic villain. He has portrayed villainous roles like Simon Gruber in Die Hard With Vengeance, Uber-Morlock in the 2002s The Time Machine, and Scar in The Lion King. No matter the era accent or motive his lines drip with disdain.

2. Ralph Fiennes

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Ralph Fiennes is known for his role as Voldemort in the Harry Potter series and Amon Goeth in Schindler’s List and even received a nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his incredible portrayal. He was also typecast in movies like Clash Of The Titans as Hades and Red Dragon as Francis Dolarhyde to mention but a few.

3. Anthony Hopkins

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Since Anthony Hopkins's groundbreaking appearance in Silence Of The Lambs, this award-winning English thespian has carved out a sizable niche playing cool, unflappable but effortlessly villains across film and television. Some of his villain roles are Dr. Robert Ford in Westworld and Lecter in the Hannibal TV series.

4. John Malkovich

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Although John has played loads of normal roles over the years having appeared in over 70 films, he has a knack for playing villains. His menacing stare has a lot to do with it but his too silky voice also plays a big role. His roles as Mitch Leary in In The Line Of Fire, Teddy KGB in 1998s Rounders, or Cyrus 'The Virus' Grissom in Cor Air can testify to that.

5. Jason Isaacs

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This British actor is far more than just the guy underneath Harry Potter's Lucius Malfoy's silvery locks, he's played baddies of every sort from Captain Hook in the 2003 Peter Pan movie, to Lex Luthor himself in the animated movie Justice League: Gods And Monster. Just recently in 2016, he even had one of his best turns yet in Gore Verbinski's A Cure For Wellness. In the film, the actor also again demonstrates his villainous chops as the head of a seemingly benevolent but very sinister medical center.

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