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BBNaija Star, Lucy Shares Her Experience On A Date

BBNaija as we all know is an exciting and intense reality show that has been running for years now. It involves contestants living in an isolated house and competing for a large cash prize worth $100000 at the end of the show. However, one must avoid being evicted by viewers. And to this, we have had quite a few contestants that have truly stood out in the course of the seasons. One of whom we all know as Lucy Edet.

Lucy Edet the BBNaija season 5 star, has been online amusing and giving her twitter followers the laugh of their life about some of the ridiculous dating experiences she had encountered. Most especially the ones with Abuja based Nigerian men.

If we step back a little in time, Lucy was in the BBNaija house during the lockdown. She lasted for seventy days and was one excited character that played out, which everyone couldn't wait to watch. Her scenes were like "drama" which everyone looked eager to see what would happen next. What a laugh! However, But in this less than 48 hours her hilarious drama seemed to have kicked off on her social media as she narrated her dating experience with Abuja men.

She decided to entertain her followers with a live experience she had encountered with a man, who not only pulled cutlass from under his driver’s seat, but also went after the man who ran into his car while Lucy and him were out on a date.

I would picture that as being very scary! If he could pull out a cutlass to use on a fellow human being, then who knows what more he is capable of doing. My advice to Lucy, she better run for dear life; because the moment he gets angry, it would be a sorry site!

Well, the 31-year-old reality TV star did just that. She never thought twice of seeing him again. Infact the incident left her so shocked and so scared to her bones. The fact of just seeing a mere man running after another man with a cutlass, gave her the chills. All because of a car which are all materialistic things that are perishable.

So that you all can feel the vibe of how she communicated her story, this was how Lucy wrote it on her twitter page:

“I just remembered one time I was on a date with this guy, someone bashed his car and my guy brought out a machete from under his seat and chased the driver, I froze! So many thoughts at once on my mind! It was the last time we ever saw! I was scared he would use the machete on me abeg.”

Well, it was definitely the last time she ever saw that guy! Hahahahahaha....

Lucy's story got lots of responses from her fans, to the point that they all also started narrating their own different experience.

Even though it may have seemed as something to laugh about now, I am certainly sure that it wasn't, when the actual incident occurred. So this is also a lesson that one needs to be careful with who they are with, especially when they don't know them. The expression that says, "all that glitters is not gold", is actually very true. In as much as the expression can be applied for anything, It is also implied for both men and women.

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