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NOLLYWOOD: Pete Edochie Nollywood Career In Pictures

Do we still remember the days of Pete Edochie, the days of “things fall apart”, a movie that captured the heart of many Nigerians. His leading roles in Nollywood movies and everlasting boldness beautified the face our televisions.

A scene from the epic "things fall apart"

He is arguably the best actor in the history of Nollywood, a actor that acted with the likes of Olu Jacobs, Enebeli Elebuwa, Kanayo O Kanayo, Nkem Owoh, Chiwetaru Aguh and host of others.

Old family picture of Pete Edochie with his family

Today EdwinKenechukwu decided to replay his movies using pictures, to bring back the great memories of him during his active days in nollywood, the days when he used to bag almost all the awards in Nollywood award Nights. He is the most popular actor during the era of “Black and white television”, the era when the number of people that owned television can be easily counted, the era when possession of television is a “mark of wealth”.

 pictures of Pete Edochie

Trying to describe him, means embarking in an infinite journey. He has featured in more than 100 movies (from 1976 till date). From time to time he still features in some Nollywood acting, but you can’t compare his recent films with the one he acted in the 90s. 

These are the beautiful story of his acting

1. Things fall apart 1981

Pete Edochie began film acting in 1970s but came into limelight after acting the role in the famous “things fall apart”, a film that depicted the handwork of a famous African writer, Chinua Achebe. His role in the movie gave him a global recognition.

2. Igodo 1992

Another epic movie that featured Pete Edochie. He acted the movie alongside the famous Nollywood actor “Sam Dede”, who is well known for acting battle and gun movies. The movie was an instant hit, filled with battles and tussle for the throne. If you didn’t watch this movie, you lost a “gold”.

3. Egg of life 2003 

If you can’t remember Pete Edochie because of this movie, I don’t know which other movie you will remember him for. Egg of life is simply sensational, a lot of people exchanged their night sleep because of it. I won’t be surprised if the movie’s CD still exist in people’s homes.

4. Billionaire’s club 2003

From this article you will discover that 2003 is arguably the best year for Pete Edochie having featured in two movies that gained international, just in a year. Billionaire’s club was a big hit, a movie that featured the likes of Kanayo O Kanayo. The movie are the one of the movies that you may not be able to watch at night.

5. By all means 2006

An epic movie that featured Pete Edochie and Patience Ozokwor. The movie was the best movie he acted in 2006. The role he played alongside Mama-G was a classic one. The movie was a hit, and caught the eyes of many Nigerians.

6. Our President is back 2017

This is the movie he acted in his latter years in Nollywood. As expected, the movie was an exceptional one, he played the role of a military president. The movie is still in the market.

7. The Lion Heart 2018

An epic movie produced by a veteran nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji. The movie featured almost all the prominent actors and actresses in the nollywood industry. According to speculations, the movie took more than 5 years to complete. There is no doubt that the movie is one the best movie he acted recently.

Like I said in the beginning, Pete Edochie has acted more than 100 movies, but the one listed above are the one that stands out from the rest. If you are interested in knowing the other movies he acted, you can see it below:

1. Mummy Why (2016)

2. Heavy Battle (2008)

3. Test Your Heart (2008)

4. Greatest Harvest (2007)

5. Secret Pain (2007)

6. Fair Game

7. Who will be the next Igwe? (2006)

8. Lacrima (2006)

9. Living with Death (2006) .... Mr. Harrison

10. Passage of Kings (2006)

Note: The pictures of the movies below are not available at the moment, but you can checkout the movies with their names.

11. Simple Baby (2006)

12. Zoza (2006)

13. Azima (2005)

14. Baby Girl (2005)

15. End of Money (2005)

16. Living in Tears (2005)

17. Never End (2005)

18. No More War (2005)

19. Ola... the Morning Sun (2005)

20. Price of Ignorance (2005)

21. The Price of Love: Life Is Beautiful (2005)

22. Sacred Tradition (2005)

23. The Tyrant (2005)

24. Across the Niger (2004)

25. Coronation (2004)

26. Dogs Meeting (2004) .... Anacho

27. Dons in Abuja (2004)

28. The Heart of Man (2004)

29. King of the Jungle (2004)

30. Love from Above (2004)

31. My Desire (2004)

32. Negative Influence (2004)

33. The Staff of Odo (2004)

34. St. Michael (2004)

35. Above Death: In God We Trust (2003)

36. Arrows (2003)

37. Honey (2003)

38. Love & Politics (2003)

39. Miserable Wealth (2003)

40. The Omega (2003)

41. Onunaeyi: Seeds of Bondage (2003)

42. Rejected Son (2003)

43. Selfish Desire (2003)

44. Super Love (2003)

45. Tears in the Sun (2003)

46. Tunnel of Love (2003)

47. When God Says Yes (2003)

48. Battle Line (2002)

49. My Love (2002)

50. Tears & Sorrows (2002)

51. Greedy Genius (2001)

52. Holy Ghost Fire (2001)

53. Terrible Sin (2001)

54. Oduduwa (2000)

55. Set-Up (2000)

56. Chain Reaction (1999)

57. Lost Kingdom (1999)

58. Narrow Escape (1999)

59. Living in Darkness (1999)

60. Rituals (1997)

61. Death ransom

62. Forgotten curse

63. The fate of our kingdom (2019)

64. My father’s throne

65. Wrath of the King

66. Kingdom of darkness

67. Tigers Kingdom

68. Royal Tango 2017

69. Made for the throne and host of others.

Indeed Pete Edochie is a blessing to Nollywood industry and Nigeria entertainment industry, his great works will ever remain in the heart of people.

More pictures of Pete Edochie

Pictures of Pete Edochie and his last child, Yul Edochie

Are you aware that he has a film foundation? Will there ever be any actor like him? Will his son Yul Edochie better him in the future?

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Content created and supplied by: EdwinKenechukwu (via Opera News )

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