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Checkout These Funny jokes And Pictures

1.Nowadays u will find a 12yrs old singing "my money , my body na ur own ooh baby "when I was that age I was busy singing "my head, my shoulders, my knees, my toes they all belong to Jesus " children of nowadays sha.

2.PROSTITUTE:hi honey are u ready to have sex??

RICHARD:yes but if only u can fuck me the way my wife does.

PROSTITUTE:yes!how does she do it??

RICHARD:she does it for free .

3.i remember those days in school when our teacher will bring her child to class, and everyone will treat her like a princess , even though she is ugly.

4.if u have a friends who hates bathing just know they didn't do baby shower for them. If u no,u no!

5.GRANDFATHER:when I was ur age, I used to go the supermarket with #500 and bring home soaps, rice, milk, bread

,drinks etc.

PHAMOTEE:nowadays it is difficult. There are CCTV cameras everywhere.

6.GRANDPA:go and hide ur teacher is here because u skipped school today.

PHAMOTEE:"no u go and hide I told her that u are dead "

7. Ugly chicks be having sweet voices on phones , then there comes these cuties with hulk voices. It's balanced.

8.The pain of always meeting ur crush when u are wearing the same clothes can make u want to stop them and say" I can explain "

9. Laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh and continue laughing no number 9, faah!

10. Nigerian girls can have a crush on u and still refuse ur proposal. O sun mi,faah

11. Being blind is not a joke, ask people on freemode.

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