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This aren't barbie dolls, They are real-life naturally beautiful identical twin models (pictures)

Meet the 22 year old GS twins, short for ‘Gülcan and Sahinur Twins’.

These light eyes beauties share April 30 as their birthday.

These twin sisters whom are also best friends are fashionistas and always dress up in fashionable ways.

 They started gaining recognition on the internet, when they posted their first picture on the Instagram in July 2015.

Since then, their Instagram fans has since swelled. They also have a presence on Snapchat, using the same handle as that of their Instagram.

One of the things that endears fans to them is that they like to emphasize that what you think of yourself is much more important that what people think of you.

They also advise people to be confident, be yourself and love yourself, because no matter what you think, you're actually beautiful.

Here are some few quick facts about them:

1. They are German-born and 24 years of age

2. They are identical-twins and instagram models.

3. They have an older brother whom apparently inherited the good looks of the family as well.

Sometimes they take pictures with him

4. They have a whooping 2 million followers on instagram.

With how pretty they are and how inspiring most of their messages is, it is not a surprise. 

5. They are signed as ambassadors for fashionova (a prestigious clothing brand)

6. Their mum is just as beautiful as they are and they like to take pictures with her as well. 

7. When asked what their best memories are one of them replied, their best memories are the ones they make together.

It must be so delightful to find a best friend in your own identical sister. 

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German-born Gülcan Sahinur Twins Snapchat


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