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Have you ever imagined Nigerian celebrities as cartoon characters. Have a look at these pictures.

We watch movies to entertain our selves and movie animations (cartoons) are not an exception. Though some people might not concur with this because they see cartoons as childish stuff but only if they could give it a closer look, they could find out that some cartoons impacr well meaning values and lessons to us. So in this article, I would liken some of our celebrities to cartoon character, just for fun and you could see the similarities.

1. Pete Edochie as Mufasa of lion king I choose Pete Edochie for Mufasa because these two characters say two things; Authority and Leadership.

2. Genevieve Nnaji as Princess Jasmine Genny we all know act roles that includes being a princess. The synonymous thing amongst these two characters is that you can never force them to do something out of their will. They are assertive and go by their rules.

3. Yul Edochie as Simba Yul Edochie proves the saying' the apple does not fall far from the tree'. Just like his father he is bold and brave, just like Simba

4.Charles Anwurum, and Victor Osuagwu as Pumba and Timon These two actors are laughter personified. Just staring at them along makes you laugh. Pumba and timon did just that in lion king.

5.Chinwetelu Agu as Simba's uncle, Scar. Though chinwetelu might not look so wicked like Scar,but he's roles are as wicked as Scar's. He most times kills his brother and want to take his property and that is exactly what Scar did.

6. Patience Ozorkwu as Cinderella's step mother. Merely looking at their faces, you know that they do not have good intentions in the movie. The can be likened for their wickednes.

7. Ngozi Ezeonu as Sarabi They play the same role as mothers. Looking at them makes you think of care and love.

Content created and supplied by: Sommywrites (via Opera News )

Genevieve Nnaji Jasmine Genny Nigerian Simba Yul Edochie


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