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"This is simply ingratitude" - See Reactions to Success' Latest Video about Being Neglected

Nigerians have taken to social media to lambast Success Adegor, the girl who was sent out of school for her inability to pay her school fees, for being an ingrate.

She recently came out on social media to debunk and refute the claims that she and her parents were financially helped by the people who promised to help her. She claims she was neglected.

In the now viral video, she declares that her parents is still suffering and that her father is still riding a bike.

In the video, a woman asks her if everything she was promised has been given to her, she replies, “No, everything na fake…dey just promise heaven and earth say dey go buy us this oo…they post am go Facebook make everybody think say we don rich…Everything na fake.”

She also said her parents were not given any job yet and her father is still riding a bike (okada).

Nigerians have called her out for her sense of entitlement. Some Nigerians revealed that her parents spent the money she was given on organizing their wedding. Some of them even said she left the school she was enrolled in because her parents wanted her to act in movies and comedies.

Some of the comments are:

“This is simply ingratitude, and sadly it’s built at a tender age. Entitlement mentality is slavery of the mind. They obviously had no financial strategy/plans so they are back to square one.”

Another person observes that, “When I first saw the story, I knew it was a scam. The parents have lavished the money and now using emotional black mail to cajole Nigerians.”

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