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Movie: Check Out Why The Wolverine Can Kill The Hulk

There has been different arguments on the internet, about if the Wolverine can kill the Hulk, now I'm going to use this article to proof to you that he can kill the Hulk.

The Wolverine is a powerful mutant with healing abilities, he can recover from gunshot wounds to the head, and he can survive puncture wounds and explosions, if he becomes to damaged in battle, his healing factor would repair his body, and he has an indestructible adamantium laced skeleton and claws, his powers makes him a very formidable opponent in battle, he is very fast and strong and he is a highly trained hand to hand combatant, while the Hulk is a superhuman with unlimited levels of strength, he can lift cars, planes, buildings and can defeat the likes of the Juggernaut, Iron man, Spider man, and even Thor, so the question is, is it possible for the Wolverine to kill the Hulk? Let's find out. 

Who is The Wolverine? 

He is a mutant, with animal based abilities, his most notable ability is the ability to heal from fatal wounds that would kill a normal human being, he is also strong and fast and has very strong and powerful claws capable of cutting through virtually anything on earth. 

Powers and Abilities 

1. Virtually indestructible adamantium skeleton. 

2. Super strength, speed, agility and reflexes. 

3. Adamantium claws. 

4. Heightened sense of smell. 

5. Highly trained hand to hand combatant. 

6. Healing factor. 

Who is the Hulk? 

The Hulk is a very powerful superhuman with unlimited super strength, he can tear down buildings with a single blow, he can lift cars, planes, and buildings with little effort.

Powers and Abilities 

1. Unlimited strength. 

2. Healing factor. 

3. Super speed and reflexes. 

4. Durability. 


The winner is Wolverine because his adamantium claws are the only weapons that can actually kill the hulk, check out this comics below, this is old man Logan #50.

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