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I Went to my son room at night only to find this creature on his bed [fiction]

This article is not real, but a fiction

This photo is just for illustrative purpose not real.

My name is Mary what am about to tell you is unrealistic.

It was a bright and Sunny day, I was watching a TV program when junior rush into the house as if someone was chasing him, I was shock at first. Then I ask him if there is a problem, but he answer me harshly "No". Then I ask what made him rush into the house like like that, but he didn't answer, he just went to his room and close his door

I didn't mind the scene that just happened, I just continued with the program on the TV.

After about some hours of watching, I began to feel dizzy so I just slept on the couch.

I woke up it was already dark, so I was pressed and needed to use the toilet, approaching to the toilet, I heard someone talking silently. I pause for a while, to know where the voice was coming from. To my greatest surprise it was coming out from junior room. I was wondering who he would talking too at this odd hour, so I decided to check his room. As I open his room door, what I saw shock me. I saw junior talking to this little creature. Have never seen anything like this. I tried to run but junior ran after me pleading I should not raise alarm, he told me that the creature was harmless ...........

To be continued

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