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2 Reasons Some Housemates Think Whitemoney's Lifestyle Is Fake

Whitemoney is among the most patient housemates in the big brother Naija's reality TV show, season 5.

He is known for giving advice to housemates, preparing food for them and helping out in almost every challenge that any housemate may encounter.

Despite all these, some housemates still think that Whitemoney's lifestyle is fake.

Today I'll be talking about two reasons some housemates think Whitemoney might be living a fake lifestyle

Firstly, Whitemoney decided to cook for all housemates

We all know that human can find it difficult doing things for others, without any reward being attached. As a matter of fact, Whitemoney's voluntary cooking was taken as a strategy to help him go far in the game, however it's not.

Secondly, Whitemoney does not hold grudges

It's quite unusual to see someone who still helps you despite offending the person. Whitemoney is a typical example of this type of personality.

Recall after he had a slight issue with Pere,he still prepared a delicious meal for him, putting all their differences behind.

A lot of housemates were of opinion that Whitemoney was only acting for the camera by being all nice, which wasn't so.

Few days ago, two popular celebrities revealed their experiences with Whitemoney, one stating that he at one point became scared of Whitemoney because he was too nice.

This is an evidence that Whitemoney is not living a fake lifestyle, it's just his character to be nice.

What do you think about this?

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