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5 Things that you probably don't know about Taooma

Taooma, whose full name is Apaokagi Adedoyin Maryam is a social media influencer, a comedienne, a content creator and a cinematographer.

She is popularly known as the Queen of Comedy as she gives awesome contents that make you laugh and crack your ribs in her skits.

So, how well do you know Taooma?

Here are 5 things that I bet you might not know about the comedienne, Taooma.

1. Taooma is 22 years old!

Yes, you read that right. Our favorite comedienne is just 22 years old. Of course, we all know Taooma to be a young lady, but 22? That's a wow!

At 22, Taooma already has a fiance, she has a luxurious home of comfort, she is recognized internationally and she is financially free. Money shouldn't be a really big problem for Taooma right now or what do you think?

She really worked hard to get to where she is at this stage and the hard work paid off. She also started early, that helped her too if you ask me. 

So do you have any good idea that you want to start? What are you waiting for? Make research on it and start NOW!

2. She was once in Namibia.

Taooma and her family left for Namibia after her primary school education in Kwara State. She did her secondary school education in Namibia. It was even said that her fiance 'Abula' proposed to her in Namibia.

Did you know that before now?

Keep reading!

3. Taooma is the last child of her family.

She is a typical baby of the house but she is making the whole family proud. Taooma is from a family of 7, her Dad, her Mum, herself and her 4 siblings and of them all, she is the last child.

You might notice the attributes of a baby of the house in her skits and how well she just have fun. Taooma is really fun to be with.

4. Iya Tao's lace is over 10 years

The purple lace that the character of Iya Tao wears in the Taooma skits is over 10 years.

Taooma stated that this lace was owned by her Mum and she just used it for the skits when she started and we should expect more of the lace in her upcoming skits.

What's this thing with skit makers and their mother's lace? 

5. Taooma is a great dancer!

Oh my God, this is the most exciting part for me! Taooma aside being a comedy goddess is also a great dancer, she dances freely, easily and almost at any time. She dances in her music videos, she dances in some other videos that she just drops and she also dances in some of her skits.

Have you seen Taooma dance? I bet you would agree with me that she is a great dancer.

Additional Facts:

Taooma finds it easy to smile, she has a beautiful set of white teeth, she is engaged, she is also easy going.

Taooma is an entrepreneur. She is the brain behind the brand ChopTao

Have you heard about Chop Tao before? If you haven't, go and check it out on Instagram.

What do you love about Taooma?

What do you know about her that you would like others to know?

Do you know about any of the facts that I mentioned?

Let me know in the comment box.

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Apaokagi Adedoyin Maryam Taooma


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