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"Why My Own Father Cut Off My Legs" - Unspeakable Story Of A Nigerian Amputee (Photos)

The rate at which people commits evil on the surface of the earth is very alarming in fact, when people tell you that there are evil people on the surface of the earth please believe them. In the cause of this article, i shall be sharing with you a sympathetic story of a young man whose legs were cut off by his own father. This story has made me to fear people more than any thing else in this world, i never knew human being could be this wicked.

This young man is identified as David and he was walking perfectly well when he was born. He was described as one who love football game so much, he got married and as well have a child of his own. He lost his own mother while he was still young and the mother left a plot of land for him to inherit when he is of age. David and his father were said to have been engaged in series of misunderstandings all because of the plot of land which was rightfully given to him by his mother. The father wanted the land but David refused to handover the land to his dad because that is the only inheritance from his mum.

As a result of David's refusal to handover the land to his father, he became very angry and annoyed with him. On this fateful day, David was with his wife resting inside their bedroom when he heard a noise from outside his house as if someone is cutting down the plantains in his compound. As the noise persist, he had no choice but to ran outside to find out what was happening to his plantains tree.

Because the lights were out and because everywhere was so dark, David didn’t see when his own father came out of the darkness and struck him with a machete. David’s father cut off his first leg, then his second, slashed parts of his body including his fingers and arms, and was reportedly just about to cut off his head when his wife ran out of the house because of David’s screaming. His father ran away and his wife rushed him to the hospital. David said that when he woke up after undergoing surgery and seeing his legs cut off in that hospital room, he couldn’t believe it. It was unbelievable, the worst thing he could have ever imagined.

David's wife and other friends of his went back home in order to look for solution for David's new condition, the news reached to the ears of his father and as well as his step-mother and they were very unpleasant to hear the news. David also narrated that his stepmom sent out gangs to finished him completely but it was just God that saved him. The woman wanted David deadly completely so that she and her husband could inherit the piece of land. When he heard the plans going on between his father and the wife, he and his family had to relocate to a far away village just to hide themselves for some period of time. Despite his predicaments, He still had to find a way to make a living to send back to his wife and child back at home.

Now, David says that he has accepted the new reality of his life and is living happily because he believes that he is still alive for a reason. He made himself ‘new set of legs’ which help him wheel around easier and assist him when trying to support himself. Mr David has also disclosed that he had forgiven his father and hold no any form of grudges or malice against him even after what the father did to him.

I don’t know if I could ever forgive such which already makes David a much better person than I am. His is truly a story of resilience and growing past unspeakable evil. It’s such a devastating story to read and so heart-breaking but I’m happy David is doing well these days and has found a way to move on with his life. Well, over to you my esteem readers; what do you have to say about this? We would love to hear your thoughts on this matter below and share with your friends.

Meanwhile, checkout his pictures below;

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