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Too Much Money! See The Expensive House A Wealthy Man Built For His Wife And Family In Abuja

Life of affluence is such a good one because it afford one to live ones life to the fullness without hindrance. It gives room to acquire the good things life can offer. Everybody loves to have a place where he can be known as the landowner and, he additionally need a befitting building architectural design if the cash is there. 

A beautiful house gives so many benefits to the owner of the building and also to the community where such house is located. Building such structure in an area will consistently draw in vacationer to the spot particularly if the structure was intended to fit such reason for sightseers' fascination. Apart from the popularity the location of the building will have, the house could also be a means of revenue generation for the owner and to the government at large.

Jamaal a construction engineer in Abuja, Nigeria, he built a beautiful house for his better half and 6 children. He built the airplane-like structure due to his affection for his wife Liza has for voyaging. The structure is an extremely lovely and costly, the building has pool, car park, mosque, and visitors house for guest. 

The tail of the structure has the flag of Nigeria and one side of it and the Lebanese cedar at the opposite side. 

This is the model of the entire structure below and the owner of the building. 

Would you like to build something like this? 

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