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Look at what this seller did just to prove that he wasn't selling a fake honey (+32 Funny Memes)

In today's world it is proven that memes are the funniest thing on the planet because it's...

1. Easy to understand.

2. Has a great sense of humor.

3. It's just hilarious.

And more than that it's everywhere or anywhere. And the originality of it goes back to many years ago in the 90's, and the name 'meme' was coined by a British Evolutionary named 'Richard Dakwins', and was at that time to him was just a concept for discussion of evolutionary principles, in explaining the spread of ideas and cultural phenomena.

That's what Richard Dawkins saw it as but with time, it grew from being just "a concept for discussion", into being what we know today as an 'internet meme', and has become a sensation that we now see everywhere, and on every social media platform.

And with that being said I want to show you this funny internet memes and am sure you will like it, you ready? Let's go!

1. Don't know about you guys, but will you go to this extreme lengths, just to prove you're not selling a fake product?

2. Bet most of you don't know this..3. I think his village pipo is at work.

4. The difference..5. Most of you will fail. Life in this country is really painful. One word for this Okpani. Tell me what you thought at first.33.

Please do tell me which one was the funniest in the comments section.

Thanks for your sweet time guys, don't forget to leave a like, share this with your friends and loved ones, and please follow for more interesting and hilarious content.

Thanks once again guys, and I surely will see you in my next article.

Content created and supplied by: Novah.memes (via Opera News )

British Richard Dawkins


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