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How Queen Elizabeth II and Late Prince Philip Managed To Mantain Their Love & Affection For 73 Years

In 2017, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary, which makes it the longest royal marriages every recorded in history, amazing right? Well, here are 10 facts and stories about the marriage between Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip that will show you the real power of love.

Their marriage is based on love

In 1934, young Queen Elizabeth first met Prince Philip when she attended the weeding of his cousin and at that time she was 8-years-old, and Philip was 5 years older than her. They met for the second time before World War II, and Queen Elizabeth who was 13-years-old fell in love with Prince Philip who is 18-years-old immediately. The two were sharing love letters to themselves during the World War II, and at that time Philip was serving as a Royal Navy officer, he proposed to her when he came back in 1946 and she said “yes” right away. But the couple kept their engagement a secret until Elizabeth turned 21, and they finally tied the knot in November 20th 1947.

They made their own sacrifices

Because Prince Philip wanted to marry Queen Elizabeth, he had to make a lot of sacrifices. He had to give up all his previous titles, which means he became a naturalized British citizen due to the fact that Queen Elizabeth’s parents were not amazed with his German family roots; surprisingly; none of his German family members were even allowed to attend to wedding. He also had to give up smoking because of the love he had for Queen Elizabeth.

They have common interestsThe amazing couple also share some common interest which includes; collecting wildlife arts, going on picnics in the Scottish heather, and making barbecue; they surely know how to enjoy each other’s presence.

They never stop talking to each other

No matter how far they are from each other, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip never stopped communicating through any means possible. For instance, during the World War II Prince Philip never stopped writing love letters to the Queen, despite being a British Royal Navy. Even after he’s retirement they still speak on the phone frequently.

Here are other lovely images of the two couple:

May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

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