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Poco Lee vs Lil Smart: is Poco Lee overrated?is lil smart overrated?

When talking about the dance industry or personalty in Nigeria, Lil Smart and Poco Lee cannot be exempted due to their outstanding dance moves and they have also made a good reputation for themselves in the dance industry. Let's take a brief look at their respective biography before comparing them.

Poco Lee

Iweh pascal Odinaka aka Poco Lee was born on October 21st 1996; the dancer and hype man started dancing as a child (it's talent). Raised along with his four siblings in ojo area of lagos by their parent, Mr Kenneth and Augustina Iweh, little did he know that he has a bright future ahead. Thanks to zlatan who changed his life after a Street video of him went viral. Ever since he has performed at various shows and he has even organized shows and hype parties by himself.

Lil Smart

Idowu Smart Emmanuel aka Lil Smart was born on March 5th 1998(22 years), he grew with his parents in Lagos but his State of origin is Ogun state to be precise. As we all know, he is a professional Afrobeat dancer, skater, songwriter, actor and model. He came into spotlight after he went viral with a video of him dancing to naira marley song and he later got featured in a Naira marley's music video, his closeness with Naira marley earned him the nickname "Lil Marley".

Poco Lee vs Lil Smart

Poco Lee being a professional Afrobeat dancer, hype man and influencer actually made legwork dance step popular, but he isn't the inventor of the popular dance move Just as many believed, the real inventor is Rahman Jago himself.

Lil smart being a professional Afrobeat, hip pop, afro pop dancer was the brain behind popular dance move called Tesumole. He made the reverse move of Tesumole, madam mafa, shaku shaku, kupe, soapy, legwork etc that's why he is popularly called Reverse king.

Now let's find out who the better dancer between the two is, I will list out my points, then you can compare;

1. Lil smart is more flexible than Poco lee. With flexibility dance looks more easier and fun.

2. Lil smart is more diversified with his dance steps. Apart from Afrobeat moves and legwork, he possesses more dance moves and styles, for example he knows hip pop dance, afro-pop, break dance, reverses while poco is mainly based on legwork.

3. Lil smart dances to all beats, be it slow or fast but poco prefers fast beats.

4. Lil smart dances video are more of dancing than preamble while poco makes shorter dance video with longer preamble and that's because he gets short of moves more easily than the Reverse King himself. You can proceed to their respective instagram page to check out for yourself.

Poco lee only advantage over lil smart is

Poco lee's legwork is more fun to watch than lil smarts' .

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