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Who is Eminem's Biological Daughter ?

Eminem has an amazing career, which he has been building since the day, he signed the contract into legendary rapper Dr Dre record label. His whole career, Eminem has been telling stories, both his real life stories and ones made out of friction. Let's also not forget that Eminem has also dissed a couple of artist that destroyed their careers. One of the most notable is the fight with Machine Gun Kelly. Although, MGK career was not destroyed completely, but you can still say, Eminem destroyed it, cause now, MGK rarely raps, he is now some sort of rockstar, but that's a story of another day, let's talk about Eminem and his "hot" daughter.

If you ever listened to some of Eminem music, then you should remember him calling his daughter name called Hailie, he showers praises on her and destroys those rappers who dare speak negative of her. Hailey was not brought up before our eyes, like the kids of other big celebrities.

His daughter whose name is Hailie Jade Scott is now 24 years old. She is rarely shown on camera so that may be why she has grown so fast.

Hailey Parents Relationship

Her parents in which her father is Eminem or Martial Mathers and her mother is kimberly Ann Scot were not in the best of terms when they devorced. They met in high school (before Dre signed Eminem and before Eminem became global) and after a while, their friendship turned romantic and that had an impact in Eminem life and musical career.

A long while later, Eminem began seeing another girl, but soon after that discovery, Kim discovered she was pregnant and that just changed Eminem life. A while after that they got back together and then a long while later they broke up again. Kim moved out and moved into a one room apartment with her daughter, while, Eminem worked on his career which was not in the spotlight that much.

Eminem and kim went through some family and personal tragedy which also include drug addiction, family separation, attempts of suicide and so much more.

Despite all these,Eminem still love his daughter will all his heart and has always reassured her that she was always on his mind.

Today, Hailie is now a graduate of psychology and she has over 2 million followers on Instagram and she provide workout tips and has become a successful influencer.

In Conclusion,

Am sure if you ask Eminem, what his biggest accomplishment was? He would say it's his daughter and his so proud of whom she has become

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